Anyone heard of these bands

These bands are pretty popular in Australia but has anyone else heard of them
I will add videos when I can

The living end
Cold Chisel
Hilltop hoods
The Cat Empire
and Gorillaz

Gorrilaz are very well known in the UK not heard the others personally

Haha, I can smell the four'n'twenties and VBs already mate

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I'm very familiar with Gorillaz and I've heard the radio songs from The living end (end of the world, prisoner of society). Have you ever heard of Wolfmother?

Fun fact: this is the last physical cd I've purchased. I can't believe it's been ten years already. Crazy...

I never heard of any of them but I am in North America and quite frankly I am not really searching out new music so that may also be why I haven't heard of any of them.

Gorillaz is generally well-known across the Western world afaik. Most of my friends like them or have at least heard of them.

I haven't heard of any of the other ones, though.

Wolfmother is great

Gorillaz and The Cat Empire are both great but in completely different moods...

they're all different moods

wolfmother are awesome, aussies are really good at that balls out hard rock, ACDC, Powderfinger

Saw Gorillaz - Escape to Plastic Beach Tour at the O2 Arena in London in 2010 and it was amazing!