Anyone heard of the Diamond R9 290?

Hey everyone! I recently stumbled upon a fairly cheap R9 290 at a Microcenter, only problem was the cooler was made by a company I've never heard of. Diamond is what the company is called and the cooler features two fans for maximum temperature conditioning. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this company and whether or not this is a referenced or non-referenced GPU. Thanks!

I've seen Diamond AMD cards before on newegg and the like, but I don't really see any reviews.

I did find this thread about Diamond 290s/290xs.

How cheap are you able to get it?

Its at $379.99 compared to the $399.99+ price mark at other places.

They made a good 7970 , and logan reviewed the stock diamond 7970 .

I think you can trust it , just don't expect silence / good customer support / good temps.

Maybe replace the cooler when you get it ( if it's bad ) ?

probably just a reference card with their own cooler, would buy if you plan to put a water block on it.