Anyone have The CREW?

So I've been looking around the internet and I haven't seen much about this game in terms of reviews yet (yes I know it just came out) ... I've been interested in the game and I don't know if this is a good thing (Ie . no problems) or is this just like every other game that's been coming out this year riddled with bugs and problems?

Probably because it's a Ubisoft Game


From what I have heard

Cars handle really weird. Overall physics is weird. Unless you upgrade your cars they are slow and don't handle well at all. 

Environments look okay but outside the two main areas they are bland and not populated. Pretty much just empty road and nothing else. 

Requires UPlay and an always online connection to a server. The server is buggy as hell and kicks people off for no reason.

Game has a massive amount of DLC already and microtransactions. You basically need to buy the game and the gold edition or season pass. Once in game it is basically pay to win. 

Overall meh. 


Okay I am going to go point for point against DerKrieger.


Cars handle weird: Yes they do, if you don't change the settings for steering sensitivity and speed and disable the electronic safety nanny.

You have to actually play the game for an hour or two and get some good parts for your car. All cars with out upgrades handle varying degrees of bad, but a few upgrades some settling in time to get used to it and you will be on rails.

They are a little slow to begin with see above, get parts.

I really seriously enjoy the handling in this game. Edit, but they are odd.


Environment looks weird: Possibly. I have heard both sides of it. It seems that people were expecting some sort of super accurate to real life, I-can-drive-to-my-own-front-door, environments.

The game passes the 90mph rule. If you can drive at 90mph and not be shockingly disgusted at the detail going past you it is good.

It is also an arcade racer, for that alone it has to be one of the better if not high on the list of best looking racers out there.

The anti-aliasing is bad in game and unfortunately at the moment you cannot inject SMAA. I run with it off but everything else Max.

For my money they can be breathtaking. The views of the Grand Canyon are particularly nice. The small details like trash bags and general all litter are also well placed and look good. Other effects like power lines falling to the ground when you hit a pole just add to the nice feelings of the game. It is full if small graphical touches.


Requires Uplay: Yup I will give you that one. And it is week one so there are teething problems with the servers, but in its defence, I hate Ubisoft and this game is more stable and bug free than almost any (edit: major as in aaa) release in recent memory. It still has bugs but none that break the game and very few that crash it. I am astounded at how stable it is for an Ubi game.



Massive amount of DLC already: Nope flat wrong. It has a season pass but so far zero actual DLC that is useable there is nothing you can but as a pack for day one. 

What there is, is some pretty order bonuses. A few crap free cars that are locked to one spec, basically as a taster of cars later in that game.

There are micro transactions but unlike most times this is said they really are 100% optional. There are events all over the map to get parts for your car. The micro transactions are to get these parts with out doing the events, so yeah time saving and nothing else.

It is absolutely not pay to win.


Okay with that out of the way. I am thoroughly enjoying the game. There is tons of stuff to do and if you are a person who enjoys just driving around talking shit with friends and doing some missions/side quests/road trips this game has it in spades.

Edit: Additional information. The set up for controller is fantastic. When you complete an event a transparent menu pops u and does not stop you playing. Fuidly it what you earned and what is next if anything and it leaves the main analogous stick free to steer and drive and maps the other analogous stick to the menu. So you can avoid crashes keep.u with other player and never stop driver ng while dealing with the menu. It works great, better than any other game I have played.

These are hidden car parts all over the map, 20 per area for a total of 100 and gives you a car when you find the 20 in that area, in this alone there is 6 hours or just driving around. Great to do with friends.

The map is big. 45 minutes ish to drive from one side to the other in starter cars, excluding side trips to cities and stopping to look at the views.

There is more but I am in work so I will put it this way. A friend asked me wat I thought of that game and without missing a beat he asked if I was feeling okay. It is an always online, Uplay game with micro transactions and odd handling and I instantly told him it is great. He thought I was joking, I am not. So now he is playing it too.

This guy has a nice one:


Yeah I figured it had a much better release than a lot of recent ubisoft titles ... And since rockstar refuses to create a new midnight club with updated graphics and the need for speed series refuses to release a update underground 2 type games, this is my next best option.

Thanks for the feedback guys now I just have to find someone who will buy it for me since I've recently spent more money on videogames than I'm proud to admit.

dang looks like carbon copy of the 2 most wanted series and hot pursuit 2? I'll have to pass til they upgrade to more than 8 player multiplayer and bigger maps. I was hoping for 4 hours from coast to coast not 45 minutes.

I think I might get this, I just bought a EVGA GTX 970 SC and apparently I get my choice of Assassins creed unity, far cry 4 or the crew for zip with it.