Anyone have suggestions for mid-range, good performance laptop?

I'm currently using an 8 year old Toshiba Satellite A105. Yeah. It's old. And slow. And the screen is falling apart. It was a present originally and has done me well for quite a while now, but I need something better.

I'm currently a Junior in HS and I'm hoping to get a decent system that will last me at least through the first two years of college, if not all of college. I currently have a budget of $700 max, but would prefer to keep it to $600 or less.

I don't play triple-A, big-name games at all, and while it would be nice to have decent FPS for TF2/CS:GO, it's not a requirement.

Basically, if it can handle HD video on YT, has 8GB of RAM, has good build quality, and can run Linux - I'm fine with it.

Here's one laptop I've looked at, really nice specs for the price. HDD is meh, but I would probably switch it out for an SSD anyways eventually.

I've heard bad things/had bad luck with HPs in the past, so unless you've had/heard good experience with it I'd like to steer away from those.

Not sure if this is something I should be posting here, but I figured it couldn't hurt too bad to ask.

Another one that I like the look of