Anyone have spare parts?

Hi, I have decided to switch from console gaming to PC gaming. Console gaming has not really been that good for me plus they are so expensive and I really want to switch. I have a really old computer that can run like two games but its really not the trick for gaming. I have always been interested in PC gaming but I don't have proper fiances or income to build a gaming computer. Ive always wanted to build my own computer and I have been practicing by taking apart the current one I use and putting it back together. All I ask that is if anyone has any spare parts that I could use to start making my computer, please send them to me if you don't need them. Anything would help. Please and thank you.

I live near Raleigh North Carolina.  Feel free to email me at [email protected]


Hay man I dont have thing to give you but tell people where you live just so they know too. but try and save up and either get something like this build or buy a ok pc off ebay cheap and they will probley come with a monitor ,keyboard and mouse. I'm sure someone else on the forum could make my build cheaper too.

Do you know what processor you have?

We could probably get a balanced GPU to add to your current PC. You might also have to purchase another PSU depending how much of a GPU your CPU could handle.

never thought of that.... Just saying my mates, mate was looking around the dump and found a computer and ripped it open and there was a i7 3770.

Intel Pentium D 2.66 GHz, my computer is from like 10 years old so it doesn't actually use it well. I got a graphics card for my birthday like 2 years ago. GeForce GT 610 (much better than the one that originally came with the PC. I bought another stick of 2 gb ram for it about a year ago now it has 4 GB ram.

He just went to a dump and found an i7 3770 i think thats more luck than anything. xD

Alright thanks for the response though. I might look into that build. Just trying to get some help so I can try and start my build. 

That's LGA775 right? I got a Pentium E5400 and a Core 2 Duo E6550 I wouldn't mind sending. If you save up for a 750 TI (which should not require a PSU upgrade) you will have a pretty decent system.

EDIT damn just realized its a PLGA7755

I'm confused I don't know that much about cpu's so does that mean the cpu wouldn't work or make a difference? 

I could take my computer apart and see what the motherboard Is

Basically the PLGA775 has pins on the CPU while LGA775 has little pads and the pins are on the motherboard.

My buddy has a PLGA775 CPU at 3.5GHz not very powerful but might be a slight upgrade. I will have to see if you still has it.

3.5 GHz dual-core? Thats a pretty big upgrade from 2.66 GHz dual-core xD anything will help PM me if you hear anything or email me at [email protected]

Damn, apparently he got rid of it a while ago.

Sorry about that. Do you have any DDR3 RAM? I got an old motherboard I got second hand from my buddy that would work with either of the CPU's.

i could throw in some ddr3 ram 

Welcher said he could throw in some DDR3 ram so even if im not sure if i do i have a backup ya know? Ill take anything im just trying to get a new pc made or upgrade my current one xD. So ya i guess i do have DDR3

I have a Pentium D 820, 930, 935 (Capacitor/Resistor Missing, Still Works), 940, Pentium E6550 and an i3-550 at work.

I don't have any motherboards for these because they all broke. The Pentiums might work in your board or If you can obtain a 1556 Motherboard the i3 will work.

I'll take whatever you can give me. I might be able to obtain a 1556 motherboard but I might not so best to stick with pentiums unless you wanna send both.  Please email me [email protected]

P.s. Thank you so much for anything, I don't have a lot of money so every part means something 

Forgot to mention I also have a Celeron e3400 (does 3.4Ghz / 1360Mhz FSB @ 1.3v)

If you want to pay $25+ shipping, I have a H100i but no fans to go with it, otherwise its brand new and has all the needed hardware/cables. I think that's a fair price, I had it up for $50 but no bites yet. I also have a Logitech G502 I would sell for very cheap, also brand new. Other than that...Hmmm. I got a cdrw and i think thats all

This goes for anyone here who needs it!