Anyone have spare parts laying around?

Hi everyone!

I'm a student right now and because of that you can imagine that I have next to no money what so ever. I really feel like an ass for asking, but does anyone have any spare parts lying around that I might be able to make a semi-ok gaming build out of? I currently only have a shitty laptop that has 16 GB of storage and 2 GB of slow ass ram and i can't really play any games with it.



Matt (Earth in HD)

I have a few but what are you good at and willing to do?

I have a Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 with an A8-8350 APU and 4GB of DDR3. Not a gnarly gaming machine by any stretch, but it's a starting point if you're interested in it. Also have a power supply, some spare hard drives, spare DDR3, a few video cards. A 7850 2GB that needs some surface mount caps resoldered near the 6-pin (so if you're taking EE, this one is a good choice), HD 4670, and a GT 430. Nothing spectacular.


I've got tons of GPUs and DDR3. Couple unopened 160GB HDDs and an i5-2500K but no motherboard for it. 

Just PMd you.

I Just PMd you

Can i have 1 4gb DDR3 SODIMM stick for my laptop? 

dual 550 ti's for cost of  shipping, and dual 560 ti's for cheap

If Earth isn't interested in the gtx 560 Ti`s I would be interested in knowing how much you want for them. 

dual 550 ti's, 20$ plus shipping

and yes 2x 550 ti;s for 20$ great value, just dont want em wasting space anymore, 20$ to a good home

if  the Poster isnt interested in the 550s i would be if your in the US or near by.

I too would be interested if OP is not, although i think shipping to Canada would cost me an arm.

alright billy i am in the US, ohio if you are local if i could get a steam or maybe a skype/ts or some form of contact we can work this out!

.....alright then.....


Go to your local businesses, ask them if they have piles of computer junk. If your lucky, you might be able to score a pretty decent motherboard with a good cpu. Typically a business will just toss a computer when it's not running right, and typically it's from blown capacitors on the motherboard. If you got the time, you can order up some fresh capacitors and solder them in.

I actually built the server sitting at my desk right now from components that I found in our junk pile. Cost about $15 to replace all the capacitors on the board. Some video cards are still good too, many over heat rapidly due to old thermal adhesive, many even just need the GPU to be re-flowed using a heat gun. (I found a heat gun is 10X better than a convection oven)

Honestly, the only thing I buy new are power supplies, I either grab stuff from junk piles, or ebay for used parts, hardly ever have any issues.

where exactly are you located hades, shipping to canada might dip him out

North west US.

Sorry, for some reason I never saw the reply. Yeah I can give you my steam, and email. Any idea how much shipping to BC Canada might be though as i`m not looking to spend too much.