Anyone have experience with BPMS?

Recently, I received a job offer to work with a business process management software (BPMS) suite. From what I understand this involves managing employee workflows utilizing a web point and click interface. Has anyone worked with this before? If so, is it more involved than it appears to be? I feel like I would be bored to death if no code was involved.

These things are quite similar to the ESB flow design tools, in case you are familiar with those.

Not a lot of coding involved (usually) though there might be document transformations etc.
If there’s coding it’s usually because there’s custom transformations (or weird service calls, or so) or they’re trying to do things with the tool it wasn’t designed for. In the latter case: run. Had a project like that with JBoss’ JBPM (note that this was a long time ago when the tool was barely out of beta) and it was a really bad time.