Anyone have any LoL PAX codes?

i heard Riot gave out League of Legends codes for some skins. i was wondering if anyone who went happen to get any that they don't want. Im new to the game, and no sense in letting them go to waste =) i mainly just want 'Arcade Hecarim'. he looks so cool lol 

also, if anyone plays, let me know. im still learning, and would love to team up with any of you guys =)

hi there i dont have xD but this guy here have like mmore thrn 90 codes to share Riot Blizt and Heca! He will share codes until day 8. U cant  ask like "give me plox" or "please give" u must be patient. It provides skins from 20 to 20 minutes. with roll system and sometimes COpy paste system. When you r other playrs get the skin, some guys afet use the code will paste on chat, u can get and use if this guy is from another server. because one code can be used once on each server. 1 Code = EUW, EUNE, BR, NA, LAS, OC.... etc xD

Good luck i already get 8 xD 


You have 8? :O I'd give you a steam game for the arcade Hec skin <3

And will also love you forever, maybe sell you my soul to lol

I won 8 but already give to my friends :S right now i dont have. what is ur server? if u are not from NA and EUW its more easy u win the skins.

my "ingrish" its to DAMM HIGH i know xD

Lol, i don't know what i started, but i like it XD

Message me if you get anymore, if you would like to share.

Thanks :)


Try this one FAST! 


Edit 1: RIOT BLIZ Skin

Edit 2: Already used on NA and EUW for sure! All the others countrys still available!


code here :  WWJWVQUX7YHALM 

darn, im in NA lol

bad :(

let me know if you come by any NA codes? =)