Anyone have an HP Stream Tablet? 7 or 8?

Title says it all.

I want a Windows tablet for media consumption, and primarily reading. anyone have experience with these tablets? how's your experience?

I've a stream 7 and it works fine, but there's a much better chinese one that comes with an onboard full USB port.

Otherwise I think the specs are identical. Wish I knew about it before I got my stream 7.

As dumb as this sounds, i don't really need the full USB port and the Stream tablet is cheaper right now. the tablet is strictly going to be used for reading. and slight media consumption. but how's the reading experience? i just want something compact and the HP Stream 7 looks perfect.

I read my porn comics just fine on it, Otherwise I don't see how you could live without a full USB for easy flash drive use.

the thing is i have a Micro USB/USB flash drive.

this one to be exact.

i can survive lol.

also quick question, is there really audio issues, i've been reading around and i've been hearing some minor complaints with the speakers. sure they are small as hell but from my understanding there are some static issues. is this true? or have you been lucky not to have that issue?

I forgot it has that issue, I just use bluetooth audio, but ya there was static when I tried headphones a while back, yet another reason to get the chinese tablet

Damn :( i'll consider it. thanks anyways