Anyone happen to have a Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical (old mouse) good working condition and is willing to sell it?  i'm looking to buy an extra one to eventually replace the one i'm using on my desktop or to just use on my laptop.

bought this mouse a long time ago when I built my first computer and it has got to be the best mouse I've ever used.  has a solid, weighty feel to it and is molded rather comfortably.  being an old mouse i believe the dpi is only 800 on both optical sensors on the bottom, but i feel like mice with more dpi feel overly smooth and the cursor to me sort of slides around rather than feeling 1:1 (that is at least how my newer laser mouse i use with my laptop feels as compared to the mouseman dual i use on my desktop).  the thumb button is towards the bottom where your thumb naturally rests and not awkwardly towards the top where you have to move your thumb to press the button. 

i regret not buying more at the time to use with my laptop or have as an extra should my original break because i can't find them anywhere now since the model has been discontiuned for a while.  i always notice a difference when playing fpses on my desktop (better) as compared to on my laptop (feels worse) with a different mouse (both machines are for gaming so it's definitely not a difference in the computers' internals causing the difference in the aiming experience). 

this mouse is really just the perfect mouse for me and it's frustrating not being able to find another by any brand that offers the same (or at least similar) feel with that conveniently placed thumb button towards the bottom of the mouse's molding.  i know i'm going out on a limb here but if anyone has one in perfectly working order and is willing to sell it i would gladly buy it from you.

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ok thanks.  i doubt i'll get a repsonse but figured it was worth a shot.

If you can't find it, give G9 a go, it has a great feel to it and is also Logitech quality.

thanks for the recommendation.  i'll check it out.

do you have the G9 (or currently the G9x - same thing with upped dpi)?  it looks like a nice mouse.  I must've glanced over it when looking because I was so dead set on finding a mouse with a similar design to the dual optical.  do you find the thumb buttons to be comfortable to use being that they are towards the top of the side and not the bottom where your thumb rests (like on the dual optical)?

The size and shape of the G9 favors a claw grip, so you might have better luck with one of the MX518-shaped mouses: G5, G7, G500, or my favorite the G400. They have a similar shape to the Mouseman (although they arch up more) and I've never had any problems with them.

thanks! i'll check them out

edit: yea i use a g7 at work.  it's really comfortable but the batteries are pretty crappy and need to be changed all the time.  i've definitely looked at all these models before since their shape is very similar to the mouseman but they all feature those side thumb button(s) that are near the top instead of lower down on the side.  idk why they dont make mice with thumb buttons where the mouseman's was anymore.  how did that not catch on? it is 100x better/more comfortable than what the norm seems to be now - placing them higher up.  guess i'll have to settle if i never come across another mouseman.  i guess as long as the dpi is adjustable to 800 dpi, that seems to  be my sweet spot in terms of on-screen comfort.

after looking at the features i think i really like the G500.  i like the dpi adjustment buttons next to left click (would be really helpful to customize dpi levels - i'd only use 2, one for normal firing and one for sniping/ADS in CS and BF - on the fly).  it has a similar mold to the mouseman, even has weights which i like since the mouseman has a heavy,solid feel to it, so i can adjust the weight to my liking.  there's 3 buttons near the thumb, and although not towards the bottom like the mouseman, i'm sure at least one of them won't be all that much of a discomfort to press.  thanks again for the recommendations.

I have the G9, though there's no point going for G9x if you can get G9 cheaper. I don't find the buttons getting in my way at all, my hands are small and the mouse is simply just perfect for me.

And yea, "claw grip" is really comfortable with it.



Sorry I misread your question - the buttons are easy to use, not the most comfortable thing in the world but isn't awkward either. 

You mean the cordless version?

nope the cordless version was just the mouseman optical.  the dual optical was the corded version (that is the one I'm talking about).  i would think they are both pretty much the same, though (at least from what i've seen from pics - one less optical sensor [still 800 dpi] and no cord).

Well oke then, i believe i have the wireless one laying around somewhere

is it the one painted in like a light blue color (like official logitech?) because i see all these knock-off looking black and white ones that ship from hong kong on ebay that i don't trust.  let me know if it's the blueish one and if it works well (smoothly and no hiccups/stutters in movement).  if you don't use it i would be interested in buying it from you for use with my laptop.