Anyone got the Geforce Experience .EXE Before Being Forced to Use an Account?

So, I was just forced to update geforce experience, and well, not I'm also forced to use an account, which I refuse to do.

Does anyone have an older version of geforce experience which does not require it to be updated?

I removed the software.

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I uninstalled geforce experience. The drivers still works. I did not make an account. It was worth just removing it.

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Oh. I actually like the software, or well, used to, before they changed everything.

What did you like about it?

IIRC there are alternatives, albeit no all-in-one, that can do everything GeForce experience does.

The only thing that I honestly used Geforce Experience for was Shadowplay. I really loved having my GPU constantly rendering a video onto my HDD, which I could save whenever I wanted. I don't know of any other programs which do exactly what Geforce Experience did ( GPU Encoding Only, Change Bitrate).

For anyone else, I found this:

I just installed that, and it seems to be working just fine, however, I don't know if the webpage created "bundled" some extra stuff in with that... So beware.

So, um, nobody have a newer version, or possible alternative?

I also removed the software.

Not even joking.

I also liked it but they've pushed it too far.

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So how do I fix the license explicitly prohibiting using it on more than one computer? /s

I have 5 Nvidia gpu computers.

Sure I can just install it on whatever but that's not the point

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Random thought: how long before Geforce Experience is required to be installed for the driver to work?

Please no


I have GFE 2.6.12 or something

I use gamestream w/ moonlight frequently (it's basically the only way I game anymore) but GFE won't even open for me (error) so I've left it as-is. I can try and upload the installer tomorrow if you want it.