Anyone good with Powershell scripting?

Okay, what I am trying to do shouldn’t be this difficult. I am trying to make a script to run in win10 that will change the PC settings for privacy to choke off as much of the telemetry data as possible. After an afternoon of looking I can’t find any commands that will change any of the PC settings… is it just not a thing? I know I can do this in the GUI but that’s not as much fun. Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Any input would be much appreciated!

For Powershell fundamentals and powershell commands that are for a Microsoft product I tend to use the official docs-

They really are actually pretty good.

As for blocking telemetry, what exactly are you trying to change/block? Like stopping tasks/services? Changing to basic reporting from full? Blocking microsoft domains? Something else?

You have to know what you are trying to change exactly before you can look up a way to script it.

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I was actually thinking more basic than that. I just wanted to switch off what you can in PC settings. I will check this out for sure. I suppose the ultimate goal would be to have my computer just not send any information back to Microsoft, but I was trying to crawl before walking lol. Thanks!

Try O&O ShutUp 10

this will do what you need and more

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