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Anyone going to Defcon?


lolz- I did use a lot of commas…

Maybe I’m a bougie bi*th after attending some ‘upscale’ cons for work, but I really hope its not like 22, where it felt more like a theme park on the peak day of the year- I stood in line for hours to still get turned around at the speeches door because the room was full- lots of frustrated people everywhere- I saw a goon have a mental breakdown and walk off on the spot- got super frustrated myself and just started drinking instead haha.


If any lerkers are here, 'm sporting a L1 blue t-shirt and jeans, black Nike shoes, say hello if u see me!


So they are saying you can bring x3 6TB hdds, one for what you said, a second for rainbow tables and tools, a third for more rainbow tables


If I can convince my company to pay for it, Yes.


unfortunately this is first defcon i won’t be on in last 5-6years. Maybe i’ll be on the next one.


No idea what I’m doing with this tty


@morbid_bean blowing your lerker status, nice seeing you!!


@KenPC nice meeting you!


id love to go but dont know where it is or when it is or how much it is… and likely i wont be able to go this year…

that said im at least aware of what defcon is and did watch the documentary on it, and a few others around it, like hack all things in 90 minutes or what not…

id love to get involved with some locals that share these interests. i could make it happen if all things fell into place.


I’m no defcon historian but I believe it is always in August- I’m actually going to look into this more to see if its always the first weekend in August- because if so, then one can save a lot of $$ by registering the hotel room really early on.

Second, it was $280 this year, I believe a little less in earlier years- its probably barely keeping up with inflation, probably not even that. Jeff Moss has been verbal about keeping the price low to keep the con in tune with it’s origins, to allow young and low income entrance vs. the price you would pay to go to VMworld, Cisco cons, BlackHat, Splunk.conf etc. So its very safe to say it will be in the $280 range next year, and for years to come, with only small increases that IMO do not even keep up with inflation.

This would be great- IMO go to defcon with skills to enjoy it more. Its not a competition, and the few neck beards there talking down to people are looked down upon themselves, but you get a better return if you know how to do things. Personally, I’m not that skilled and I do more shoulder surfing that participating, so I need to take this advise myself.

@morbid_bean, sorry I didn’t catch you that next day- drinking, lack of sleep, trying to catch as many talks as possible, lack of checking my phone, I slipped up.

@ anyone else that went- any more word on the badge bug? When I saw no one had cracked the badge I thought “typical super hard defcon challenge” but then heard there was a firmware bug- I would really like to think many people were supposed to get it all green before the con was over.


A part of me wishes I brought at least one 6TB HDD- not to get the speeches, but to get the rainbow tables and tools. That 6TB HDD would then be the gateway drug into building a bigger NAS…


Hmm, maybe I will go next year. I am already sucked in, just kinda been resisting getting involved.


I’ve wanted to go for the past few years, This one I just said fuck it and bought the flight (all the way from DC)

Best decision of my life. just do it man. Maybe if enough of us go, we can get together and grab food or something.

I plan on renting a mansion next time with a waterfall/pool and just getting enough to join in to bring the per night cost way down.

I met up with @Token and he’s a chill dude.


@KenPC Lesson learned on how to reserve workshops :wink: I seemed chill because of the lack of sleep I was running on haha.

Sounds epic- I was with two other guys that for sure are going again next year- so thats three peeps if you are looking for more contributors.


Yup, workshops go up all at once and limited number of seats, you gotta F5 until you can reserve your spot. Helps a bunch to order the workshops from “most wanted” to “not really interested” and have people help you click to get in.