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Anyone going to Defcon?


Definitely going. Although I probably won’t attend the talks (since they are all uploaded.) I’ll most likely be attending workshops the whole time and attending after-parties.


A few ducks had to get in a row and now last minute looks like I’m going. I remember years ago a plus to stay at the venue (besides not even having to walk outside) was that the talks were broadcast on the hotel TV stations- this being last minute, I’m staying far from the venue… Do they do a good job of uploading the talks via web now?

Any other LVL1 going? Want to meet up KenPC?


Wow that’s a pretty penny. What do you get for the cost of admission?


I’m not tracking- Jeff Moss has made a noble effort of keeping admittance affordable (and cash only). Black Hat on the other hand is… wow.


Yes everything is uploaded, also you can bring a 6TB HDD and bring it to the data duplication village, they’ll load it up with every talk ever.(that was recorded)

Sure why not? I did get signed up for a few workshops already and rsvp’d for some parties.

If you’re early for LineCon, a sweet badge.

Anyone attending that hasn’t been before will want to watch this.


It looks super fun. I liked the Joe Grand and Zoz talks, (fan of prototype this).
280 is a little steep, is that the right price? Do they give deals on group buys?
Maybe next year.


My friend is going, kind of jelly, but he is a fed :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s he look like, just so I know lol


Blond Hair Blue eyes , has that fed look (not really)


I much prefer THOTCON


not to derail, but Grizzle thought we should find some swim team somewhere that’s willing to be named for money to operate and get them to name themselves Deep Thot or something?


You gentlemen are truly innovators and thot leaders

for real, if you’re ever in the chicago area, thotcon is worth a look OP


If someone takes me with them I will quit my job.


If bro ids is entertaining renaming because pc reasons, when will they come for thotcon?

I’m legitimately curious of the smaller cons, defcon is crazy big, I think I’d like a smaller event.


thot stands for the one two, it’s fine


*edit, need to get my mind out of the gutter


Which ones do you recommend?


workshops go quick so I’m sure they’re all booked.

Bugcrowd party should be really fun. gotta rsvp though.

Download the hacker tracker app and that has all the talks, workshops, parties on there


This is going to sound like a rant because one cannot see my facial expression, hear my voice etc- its not so much a rant but opinion, this is why I didn’t go out of my way to attend, a few things just seemed to align together, some coincidences happened- a perfect storm if you will, that is having me go- and if not for all of this, I was not going to bend over backwards to attend. I went a number of years ago (I think con22) and it felt like it was bursting at the seems- I’d hate that it feels this way still (22s excuse was that they totally underestimated attendance and the venue was too small).


I read that in william shatner’s voice for some reason.

But they have expanded a lot of the stuff to account for the turnout.