Anyone gettin their GTX 4xx cards delivered tomorr

[color=#FFFFFF]Anyone gettin their GTX 4xx cards delivered tomorrow? I've been starring at my UPS tracking all week. Im about to explode. And you know what kind.[/color]

Cancelled mine.. Figured I need the money.. And I wont be using pc as much when its sunny outside anyways.
Buying it later

Might wait and see if the heat issue is a lie.

It is a lie kinda... Well, not if you use auto fan function.
Ive read that if you keep it to manually 70% when gaming, it wont go above 70C

70% would make you pretty much deaf, but it depends on how loud the card actually is.

I am going to wait until the end of the year to get a new card. Just to make sure.

It uses a delta fan so I give you about a month till you need hearing aids.

I keep my card at 100% and dont even hear it over my metal!

Well, loud Metal fixes everything.

GOT IT. ^.^

GOT IT ^.^

GOT IT ^.^

:jumping high five: