Anyone experienced with 'R'?

Hey all,

I am currently working on my thesis in population genetics and am having to use R quite a lot (established packages seem not to do what I want). Sadly, as my programming skills are pretty woeful I am having to seek a lot of help on this.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial series online on how to use this code? Or a book even?

Personally I don't know anything about R. I didn't even know it existed until I read this. And I've been programming for, pretty much half my life. 

But it does look similar to python in some ways. I have managed to find a few videos for you: is one of them. I'm sure if you browse the channel you'll find more. Personally I don't know if these are any good because I don't exactly have the time to learn R at the current time being. Best of luck.

Yeah, I've used it for estimation of spatial econometric models for a paper I wrote a while back. The language is very similar to Matlab, so if you have used that before that will help.

There are some basic books like this:

That might be too basic for you though.

There are a number of tutorials for basic operations such as data importing/exporting and manipulation, that you can find on google.

For more advanced stuff I've found that is good to just go through and read the help files for that particular function(s) you are interested in using.

Maybe if you have a more specific question I could provide some better help.

Thanks TonyCo. I will look into that book.

I have had so very many questions that nailing down a single one is a little hard! This is very clearly a highly flexible platform on which to work with large datasets (if you have plenty of ram) and want to calculate things in a manner over which you have a lot of control - it is just a very steep learning curve for someone who has virtually no programming background (a little HTML back in the 90s).

One of the main issues I am having at the moment is more of an annoyance than anything else really - a few of the scripts I am using utilise "mc.cores = x" to aid with parallel processing, and this seems to only work on Macs. On my PC it will only work if I set this value to "1" even though I have six cores on my CPU.

Slows down the work! Which is annoying when I am performing the same calculation for almost one million genetic markers.