Anyone else use the palm of their pinky to hit the control key while gaming?

I started doing this about a year ago, and it help immensely.

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That's actually really useful o.o I'm gonna start doing that

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how else would you do it?

Before I would stretch my pinky all the way over there.

I use my face.

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While gaming, my left hand rests on the following keys:
Index on D
Middle on the bottom edge of W
Ring on A
Pinky on bottom edge of LShift
Thumb on Space

As you can see, Left Control is about 2 millimeters from my resting position. I'm curious, where are you "stretching" from?

when i was playing cs 1.6 professionaly i would bend my pinky so that the top of it would be resting on ctrl, that way everytime i had to hit it i would just have to tilt my hand to the left slightly