Anyone else playing Doom (2016) One last time before Doom Eternal drops?

I replayed the first two games through GZDoom. Never played it before, and having the Free Aim is absolutely wonderful. Skipped 3 though, because… err… Yeah. Wasn’t very memorable. I’ve been playing through the 4th game again not just because of hype, but I can’t help but feel a little, tiny bit sad about it. I remember Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin saying you won’t want to go back to the first game after playing Doom Eternal, and I wholeheartedly believe them. Especially after watching gameplay. They simply took the game to a whole new level in multiple fronts.

Anyone else feel like they probably won’t touch the first game again (2016) ?



I didn’t like it.

Well then that’s out of scope for this thread then. :rofl:

I can see how someone could enjoy it though.

Well, anyway. :man_shrugging: I’m interested in seeing what people will think of the first game after the second. I think it’ll go down as Doom: Prologue. :rofl: Because of how little it will be by comparison. Not to make it sound like a crap game. It was still great. But I think it will be comparatively miniscule and superficial to Eternal.

Is Eternal still going to have those tacked on RPG elements? Hunting for stuff to unlock upgrades was one of the negatives of DOOM for me, just ditch that crap and let us shoot stuff without distractions, please.

I’ve got a lot on my plate right now… I simply dont have the time to replay old games until I am utterly compelled by something like nostalgia. While I did thoroughly enjoy the 2016 Doom an would rate it 10/10, somehow I was not compelled to replay it.

REALLY? Even getting all challenges done? Surely you didn’t upgrade all runes completely in one go? I actually don’t know if that’s even possible. Well, I would suggest have at it again if you didn’t. Especially if you’re playing on Ultra Violence or especially Nightmare.

When I got the BFG Edition, I was super excited to beat the first two games then finally get to 3. I honestly would rank Doom 3 last. I thoroughly enjoyed 1 and II more than Doom 3. And yes, yes, BFG Edition “ruined” some things in Doom 3. But everything aside, from the wonky gunplay to the overall clumsy feeling combat, I wasn’t that much of a fan. Doom 3’s depiction of Hell was phenomenal, though. The game tried to be a Horror game and that’s also another case of identity crisis in gaming, if you ask me. It really didn’t help the experience. And again, in Hell, I think this came into full effect. The eerie sounds. Whispers. It got a little unsettling. And i’ll admit in SOME circumstances in the earlier part of the game in the labs. But overall, not exactly something i’m eager to return to.

But I could see your perspective on not wanting to replay 2016 again. It did get repetitive down the road. I found the earliest levels to be the most tiring. If it wasn’t for the occasional trip to Hell, I would’ve gotten a little bored. Kadingir Sanctum will always remain my favourite. I really hope Eternal has a LOT more Hell levels. A return to some 2016 Hell locations would be sweet. Like Kadingir Sanctum :grin:.

All I can say is, pushing it to the limit and looking to 100% the game, looking to master it, upgrading all equipment including Runes might get the ball rolling for you? At any rate, Eternal comes out in just 4 weeks. I really think 2016 will be rendered a little irrelevant - or at least tiring - for us folks who’ve already played it once Eternal is released. Just the storytelling and codex/world building will really make 2016 seem like a prologue.

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When you have about 450+ games on Steam and you’ve yet to play a good chunk of them, sometimes replay value losses its appeal. Think of it as decision fatigue(?) of sorts. Once upon a time a did want to 100% all the games I had, but now you got professional life, career advancement and a kid to take care to.

Im not complaining but oftentimes, you want something new and something that feels good to play and old games are not like that.

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I’m playing DOOM 2016, it’s a fun campaign. Partially because my 1070 broke and it’s about the only thing that still plays at 1440p 60fps in ultra on my old AMD r9 390x GPU at 3440x1440. ID is phenomenal at optimiziation, I hope they do as well optimizing Doom Eternal.

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Was playing it but got distracted with Kingdom Come Deliverance (it was on sale on GOG a few days ago). The game is alright but I’m not too crazy about it. Runs very well on my RX 480 Nitro+ @ 1440p and maxed out settings (using Proton Steam).

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I have a lot of nostalgia for OG Doom, played it both solo and in LAN parties. DOOM 2016 is the first ID game besides DOOM itself to scratch that itch for me. Though I don’t like the multiplayer. (Developed by a different team…)

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