Anyone else notice this?

I suffer from something similar. I type something, it makes perfect sense when I read it back and post. Later on I reread it and it's not quite what I remember writing. Its been that way all my life, whole words and sentences subtlety different or more often missing...

I think my fingers just don't keep up with my brain, and my eyes see what my mind is expecting.

I can definitely see where you are coming from. I've done that in other areas of my life but never while writing and it's only happening here.(if it is happening)

It happens to me in emails, documents, and other forums so I know its definately me. I have to leave important docs I am working on and review them with fresh eyes the next day. The longer the text the more likely it will happen.

I hope you figure it out.


"In the wild"? I don't understand. And you do say some awesome stuff that I could see people being offended by. (I don't agree with them but it is what causes reactions of that nature) I remember you talking about calling your cat retarded and that it's okay because he/she is yours and it runs into the wall all the time. When I saw that I was like

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In the wild as in around the forums