Anyone else notice this?

Long story short, I think some of my "contributions" to the site have been edited. There are times when I know I would have said certain things a certain way. Is this happening to anyone else? If this really has been happening, kindly stop it. I understand if I were spewing hate speach and constantly using the "dat ass doe" grammatical structure but this is a place of discussion not fucking English class.

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Link to post in question? If it is edited there is a pencil in the corner of the post.

What a queer predicament. I have noticed no such thing. Your suggestions seem categorically preposterous.


I am the type of person that does a large amount of reflection and me-ology. I know that my phone has this annoying version of auto-cottect so I'm not talking about when it is simply the wrong word. I have a few different thinking and writing styles and this isn't my recipe. Especially since I can remember what I was thinking as I posted it. (Number 76)

The "Hell" part should have been on the sentence about the blank canvas. The formula is dry facts, how society reacts, and then something mind expanding. That portion of my response reeks of correction and has lost its soul. It's not me. I remember having feelings that things like that have happened before on this site but that is a waving red flag with spotlights on it.

Uhh.. idk how the response from gfx garage got in there but the part I'm talking about is what I said and is still number 76.

And "could" should be "can" the intention is empowering, not rigid and taken directly from a text book.

If you admit of having hate speech when you disagree with someone, and poor english syntax like "dat ass doe" as a total buffoon, I'm sorry I don't see your complaining justified.

Everyone is obliged on respecting your opinions if it has nothing to do with hatred, so you should respect theirs. The owners set few guidelines, mods do their jobs as told form their superiors.

Who asked you? Kindly buzz off.

i digged trough the whole "Nudity in Art" thread, and i did not find any of your posts being edited by a leader or moderator.


Thank you for your time. For the record, I wasn't pointing fingers. Have a pleasant day!

I am very very impressed that you read through that shitfest XD


Rotary didnt you mention being drunk in one of your posts?

Might not have been you but it could explain your strange structure/way of typing

Its my job to sort things out. ☺


...sigh* faith in humanity -1 point

Why even?

Your welcome.

Also like wendell allready said above,
if your post is edited, then there will be a pencil in the corner of the post.

You admitted to being drunk and upset. You even provided an itemized list. I said that I only drink occasionally.

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Oh yeah :D

Sorry about that, memory gets fuzzy sometimes.

Very sorry, I really am.

Either way, my point is that you could just not remember why you wrote something in that specific way.

Hakuna matata. I think I'm just more annoyed with the random people terrorizing posts. I was still aiming down my sites when you came into the picture. Sorry if I've ruffled your feathers in any way you seem cool. I'm just constantly surrounded by stupids irl so when it happens here it's particularly annoying.

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I have had this happen too but in like the lounge and crap. Its annoying.

I have had it happen once on a post out in the wild and I just left the forum for a week because there is no way to see who edited my stuff for the "good of the people".