Anyone else like this game that was given some time ago for free if you have Xbox Live?

I absolutely love this game and for me that is saying quite a bit considering it is a stealth game. What I like is that it is a stealth game set in a medieval-like, fantasy world. Also the abilities Styx has are pretty cool. Graphically it looks pretty decent for a console game. Anyone else like this game?

It's great on pc, much better than Of Orks and men.

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I got it on ps4 and it's alright. Very different.

I got it on steam a long while ago. I like to think of it as a better version of Thief. With a goblin.

I wouldn't say better personally, sure nostalgia is just tainting my view (unless you are talking about the new one) and I have yet to finish Styx 100%, however if you like thief you will like this game. Sites have it for sale all the time, retail is a fair price at 29.99, but I think 10-15 bucks is a must buy if you find it for that.

I've never played the game, but I have it. I too have Xbox Live, and I'm legitimately stoked for some of the games they put out. I'm primarily on PC and I pretty much only have my Xbox for when friends come over, but the $5/month easily pays for itself with the four free games per month.