Anyone else interested in AMD 16 core

16 core... Haha... 32 cores? MuwhahaahH


Those are some good base speeds too. But I shouldn't be surprised considering how little power the R7 1700 draws at stock clock.

Bring'em to market and we shall see, maybe I get a raise next year. :innocent:

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I mean.
I guess?


AMD saw their i9 leaks and raised Ryzen 9 leaks. This is a corporate espionage poker 101.


AMDs HEDT looks absolutely mouthwatering, and that 4000 pin LGA package.

My body is ready ayymdee.


I would probably need a new mainboard.
But 16 cores are 16 cores...

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You're kidding right

No idea if this can be trusted, But may 30th Computex announce possible.

I Suspect it's just renamed Xeons, to mess with AMD. Likely will still cost more.


What the fuck is that

Those cpu dump as much heat as my old FX rig did. No thanks!

Yeah. I suspect old/repackaged Xeons. But then again, OC a Ryzen Chip to those clocks and TDP skyrockets too.

PS: I have an old dual opteron 6380 too still. That thing is a proper heater. :sunglasses:

Then leave the clocks at 3.5 GHz with 12 or 16 cores. Problem solved!

But Muh 5GHz OC :disappointed:


I'm sort of hopeful for the enthusiast AMD platform coming.

Around 5 years ago I came into some unexpected money. The wife and I did many sensible things with this cash and I did something a little less sensible. I built a monster rig. Sandy-E beast with all of the latest shiny bits. It cost around £3000 and it was truly a beast. Well, we are five years down the line and although it's still capable of playing games very well it can now be outperformed by a midrange AMD 6 core and that hurts the ego somewhat. I have been looking at the new 8 core Ryzens with interest. The thing is I have never thought that this was Ryzens final form. That the 8 core would be the top of the pile. We have always known that the server parts would be coming. I have suspected that there would be an AMD version of the Intel E platform, an enthusiast server grade Chip.

I have another heap of cash coming in a month or two. Let's hope that Ryzen-E, Ryzen-FX, Ryzen 9 or whatever they call it makes its appearance and I can build a monster rig that will last me another five years.

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Ryzen only makes more sense with more cores, so I think this would be a good couple of chips for AMD to add to their lineup. Ryzen really shines best as a workstation platform, so cater to the workstation crowd with even more cores that they can take advantage of. Would be cool if AMD also validated and enabled DDR4 Registered dimms for this platform.

A couple of AMD trademarks / patents I found

Using the TESS to find trademarks. Ugghghg
Just look at that URL


When my current pc bites the dust... my next machine will be as many cores as I can squeeze out of my budget.

Could be intel, could be amd.. all comes down to the budget I have at the time and the one that offers me the most value for my money (which, unless hell freezes over will likely be amd).


Hearing some speculation on VISC architecture for Threadripper.
I'm pretty certain I can safely call BS on that for now.

Or as I've read before: My Naples have Ryzen. :smile:

Can't wait for this either though. Maybe there is even an affordable Naples chip coming that enthusiast could deploy for a home server. :thinking: