Anyone else here dislike Anime?

I've only sat through a few Anime films; Akira, Perfect Blue, Samurai Jack (I think that may have been a series) and maybe a couple of others. Whilst I did really enjoy parts of Akira and movies like Spirited Away (not sure if that one counts as anime) I always just found it to be a bit 'noisy' if that makes sense. Loads of things flying all over the screen, people constantly going 'WWWAAAAAGGGGHHH!' for no reason, crazy monsters coming out of nowhere.

I notice it's really popular here and I just wanted to see if I was alone in my dislike of it. If you are a fan, could you maybe give me a reason what it is you love about it (art style, themes, etc.)? 

Also, could you recommend some anime movies for someone who doesn't like anime? Maybe I'll be converted.


When I say noisy, I just mean a lot going on. Like a FF battle, where there's so much crap on the screen you don't know what to focus on.

Hi there!

Well, in my opinion (as an anime fan) the most important thing in an anime is the content and/or the plot. But the art also plays an important rol, you see, the fact that the characters look less "complex" than for example marvel and DC comics kind of drawing, gives them the posibility of enfatizing on the gestures and feelings that they are transmiting. Anime also tends to be more profound and makes you reflect on your life and your behavior (of course not all series are like that but i think most of them do).

Anyways, good series to watch could be : G.T.O (comedy about a teacher that was in a motorcycle gang) really funny and very interesting, because it makes you think a lot about our society and the way we see and treat people.

Other good series could be: cowboy bebop, trigun, samurai x, neon genesis evangelion, full metal panic, samurai champloo, samurai 7, katejyo hitman reborn, school rumble, (log horizon, sword art online, hack., ragnarok, these ones are based on mmorpg's so they are kind of cool). And i would not end the list because there are hundreds of awesome animes out there, so maybe if you get "converted" you could share your preferences so that it can be easier to recommend you some other series. Anyways check, thats a nice web page to watch a lot of animes.

Have a good one! and I hope you get converted!

Thanks for the reply. A lot of information there, I'm not really sure where to start with all those titles but thanks for being thorough. And props for the Led Zep icon.

I know I'll catch flack for this but...anime is cartoons. If you enjoy cartoons, you will enjoy anime. I'm not a diehard anime fan, I just binge on a few shows that friends have suggested to me. Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood, and Attack on Titan are my current favorites. Have been told by everybody to ignore the original Full Metal Alchemist, but I thought the movie that was released was pretty good. They have some great slow paced story telling, and know when to end on a cliffhanger.

Thanks mate, best band ever, anyways, enjoy. And BTW there are a lot of series that are not so fast paced, so you won't have your screen full of things moving really fast hahaha!


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I am you silly goose, I'm just leaning over the counter trying to see what's cooking.

When you say 'They have some great slow paced story telling' are you referring to Full Metal Alchemist? If so I might give it a look. I just find it to be a bit manic, so maybe something like that would be a good entry point.

Both shows. Most shows, they try and cram everything into a fifteen minute block.

You would probably like Monster..It is a crime drama..You could also like Beck it is a slice of life anime..Or maybe Shouwa Monogatari..These maybe more your speed, they are not shoenen which is more like you described in the thread opening..

And as always their is my list HERE..It contains loads of things flying all over the screen, people constantly going 'WWWAAAAAGGGGHHH!' for no reason, crazy monsters coming out of nowhere, but not all of it..


If there's too much going on than I would suggest a slice of life anime.

As I've grown older I've noticed that I don't care for action intense shows anymore, my favorite ones are now the slower, more plot driven shows. Take Spice and Wolf for instance, it's one of my favorites, but it has very little action and a fair amount of mercantilism in it.

Most of what i like has already been mentioned, here's what's missing:

Ghost in a Shell Stand alone complex: SciFi Political thriller with short intense bursts of action and allot of philosophical pondering about AI & networked human minds (for teenagers & adults, has some mature content & is styled more "western").

Ergo Proxy: dystopian SciFi Conspiratorial thriller

Planets: Comedy Comedy, Scifi, scientifically accurate

Bubblegum crisis: Robot fights, Similar to Neon genesis evangelion, SciFi Drama

I really hate most anime but Ghost in a Shell is something you just have to see if you like SciFi (and I mean the movie, not the series).

Here's a good list of more sci-fi/mature/ or just philosophical.

Neon Genisis Evangelion

Kara no Kyoukai

Ghost in The Shell




Some I would recommend not judging based on the art style are

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Mahou Shoujou Madoka

They will appear to every fat otaku's fap material, but I think it was deliberate to really make a more shocking series. They are pretty dark.


I also never have watched, but have heard great things about Texhnolyze


I think anime is awful and should be killed with fire. It's one of the dumbest things ever invented

There's a lot of respectable anime you know. While Disney was slacking in the 2d animation department Studio Ghibli picked up the torched. Before Firefly there was Cowboy Bebop. Without Ghost in the Shell, there'd be no Matrix. In terms of mature and cerebral topics, the anime world isn't afraid to dabble in these things as the examples I mentioned.

I've never really got into it. It's simply not my cup of tea. I don't dislike it just to hate on it, but it's not something I enjoy watching. The only series that I did enjoy watching was DBZ. I was constantly waiting for new episodes on Toonami. Ahhh, those were the days. :)

I very much dislike anime though I don't openly express it most of the time when it's brought up I just nod my head smile and slowly work my way out of the room.  :)

Somewhat relevant. Anyways, within the video it goes over how the term "anime" in Japan is used to reference any animated work (so Family Guy, American Dad, Adventure Time, etc.).

From my point of view, most Americans (I say America since it's the only country I've had experience with as far as anime goes) seem to not like anime just because it's different. They seem to reject it just because it's foreign and that it doesn't fit in with most American cartoons.

I like anime simply because it provides more content for me to watch. I don't enjoy watching American television (cartoons and everything else). I'm okay with shows like Family Guy, Adventure Time, etc. None of these shows really cause me to develop an attachment to the characters themselves (same with most of the American movies I've seen). Quite a few of the anime I've watched, however, have been able to get me to become attached to the characters more.