Anyone else finding they are watching more games being played?

Im finding this more and more. At this stage I probably wouldn't buy a game until I had watched a lot of content on steam broadcasts and talked to people on the stream. Watching people game is actually a lot more interesting than I had given it credit for.

Its at least better than watching golf.

Which was how I framed it when i showed my dad Rocket League.

I really thought he'd get a kick out of it. Its a sport with a ball and commentators. Which is what football or basketball are kinda.

He though it was silly and childish. To be honest I don't find the game interesting either.

I do like a good let's play now and again. Especially when the game is so very hard to play.

Case in point: Omikron.

~Let's Play Omikron: The Nomad Soul~:

Came out in 1999-2000 for both the Dreamcast and PC. Neat idea, interesting story, terrible gameplay. Just clunky controls and mechanics. The let's play above is a great example of this.

Now that I think of it, Ultima VIII would be nice to watch. That game also controlled terrible but had a compelling story.

Still watching text adventures isn't really riveting.

I dig a knowledgeable run through, when the voice over isn't too juvenile or obnoxious.

At the moment, because I'm away from my desktop, yep. But I think it's mainly because I enjoy watching the particular person play it rather than I enjoy watching the game just being played. If it were voiceless gameplay I'd be bored to death.

Yea I used to watch a lot of Let's play from AC to GTA V. Last one was Dota 2's TI6, No Man's Sky and Uncharted 4. Uncharted just feels so much better when someone plays it, maybe cuz my camera control sucks and i get bored myself playing.+

Yeah I find myself watching a lot of game related videos on youtube.

only one game i watch more than i play League of legend. Sometimes i watch pro players play games like Overwatch, CsGo and others to get some ideas on tactics that i can use to better my gameplay.

I think league is an interesting game and was good for a while but with all of the reworks, updates and overhauls balanced around a skill level i dont have time or paitence to achieve it lost my interest.

I watched some Team PGP recently and I am going to watch a stream I missed tonight on replay but really I am not watching more games being played than ever. As for YouTube which someone mentioned I religiously watch Jim Sterling and even throw a buck and change at him per month on Patreon. He deserves more of my money but there is only so much to give.

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I watch a lot of Dead by Daylight streams on Twitch. The game is fun to watch because it's glitchy and funny stuff happens occasionally.

Well Team PGP's stream was extremely entertaining this week and they played a game I was definitely interested in. Dead by Daylight is something I will want to play at some point but oh the backlog of games 4 life.

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I pretty much only watch TeamPGP for most games.

There's a handful of minecraft I watch in order to learn mods/redstone or get inspiration/build ideas but I've been doing that less and less lately.


Yes but mostly because finances demand it. It's hard to justify anything more than $30 for a game unless it''s going to give me hundreds of hours of play and really really rope me in. Also I find I watch a lot of games that I would never be able to play like certain console exclusives. I really enjoyed the Uncharted series, and The Last of Us, games like that. I'll never buy a console again, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy those stories. As for watching competitive games or stuff like Rocket League I can do without that. No interest whatsoever.

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So true I have found it difficult to find a game I can play with such desire for a while.

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I think my mind was blown when I saw the Halo Global champs tournament at my local sports bar on TV, you can see the times changing.

I'm not so much into watching all the time, (not into watching games I don't have, oddly enough) but I do like to watch competitive pros and regular streamers for games I do have. I've found that watching people who play 10+ hours a day have (usually) pretty good play styles. It has definitely helped me get worlds better playing Heroes of the Storm by watching a couple pro gamers stream it.

I will say the inverse for me. Before getting my PC and PS4, I used to watch Let's plays all the time mainly because I had no access to the video games I was interested in (14 year old me had no money)... and I wasn't aware that emulation and piracy exists but I am pretty sure my computer would not run the games well anyway.

Now that I have access to many games, I don't watch LPs that much. I still watch gaming videos in terms of reviews and new footage, but I'm more likely to play a game now than watch it all the way. Besides, there are some games I do not really want to be spoiled by though oddly spoilers do not affect me as much as most people do.

I watched Qain play last night on his Twitch channel and I enjoyed the guests he had with him. I would say lately I am watching more games being played than I am actually playing but I do want it to change again. It just gets tough sometimes to want to play anything without real life friends to play with and also I am not waking up as early as I used to and so by the time I am ready to play it is almost midnight. I have evening workouts so ... :S

honestly im just not into streams, i did watch lets plays of minecraft back in 2010 but what i like watching are reviews of games rather than streams; except on very rare occasions when i do actually watch a stream but as i said they are very rare. Honestly i rather play a game than watch it being played and with the limited free time i have i choose to spend it playing them.

For me it's not new at all actually. Occasionally I'll watch a live stream now that they pop up on Youtube, watched a bunch of recordings of odd Minecraft stuff, etc., but I've watched people in person for years. Watched someone play 'Half life,' the creepy head crab town, gave us both a scare, in college. I watched a dude play through the original Civilization in the 90's when I was a kid. Why I sat through that I have no idea, think it was at least 3 hours. My wife likes to watch me play Witcher III, just such a pretty game with story, that one makes sense to me.

I do watch a lot of people play games, but it's less about the games and more about the fact that the people are interesting.

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I just got done playing 10 hours of NHL 16 so maybe I am back on track playing games. I really wish I could return to playing Fallout 3 GOTY Edition for PS3 after putting so much time into it not many months ago but I just can't. I think it is because it is a single player game only and I can play that anytime where as these other games I have will have servers taken down at some point and thus no chance to play them online. :S