Anyone else experiencing Malware related warnings when visiting this site?

Everytime I visit this website ( I get this odd malware blip in one of my blockers.

Now the only reason I created an account and began coming here a week or so ago is because the community is intelligent, polite, and mature. But this is odd. I get these critical warnings every time I arrive on this site. It fills my Events log nearly to the brim.

I suggest fixing this, because I, and I assume other people here, have no intent to lower settings on any software or to put any site on a white list.

Nope, I'm getting nothing.

What AV are you using? Could be getting a false positive.

The image above is from Bitdefender.

Don't normally expect false positives from Bitdefender. Weird.

Avast isn't showing anything. I also did two of those bogus online "does this site have malware" scans and they came back with nothing. I think it's a false positive.

Well I don't think it is. I did a bit of research on that site included in the image and they're an analytics company. It makes sense to run analytics, but this is ridiculous when it fills my entire log...I just deleted a ton more. A new UID gets created every time I visit a new page within this site if I am not logged in, and on top of that when I do log in a unique static UID is created. So clearly it's in their servers.

The company behind the site (, with a quick google search is 'NyaConcepts Inc' which owns the product. Sure it can be considered a false positive, but if it was really a false positive it wouldn't spam a blocker like this. I think they need to adjust their analytics settings to exclude people who are a part of the site and have logged in.


Well every site on the internet has some sort of analytics...that's fine to some and not to others, but in no way is every site flagged by Bitdefender just because of analytics.

Clearly this website isn't malicious in nature, but obviously this analytics company, NyaConcepts Inc must be selling some sort of scrupulous trash to the makers of this site.

I went to the website to see the product that NyaConcepts Inc. clearly creates and Bitdefender, by default, blocks the website and states it is malicious.


Cached - Text Only

I cached it and it's merely a site that sells their service. If Bitdefender labels the site as malicious in nature then what they do must be suspect in some way. It must be something this website ( hasn't noticed.

Keep in mind I went to the site and tried to enter it via sandbox mode as well in Bitdefender, and within Bitdefender it just emulated the same warning.

I also get this while using Edge

Well try going to the website and see if you can access it. If you can then edge is clearly sub-standard and doesn't know what it's doing.

This looks like you may already have malware/adware on your system. Only secure content is because this site is HTTPS.

As for the I'm still digging to find what is calling the JS file that loads it.

I had just called someone up that also has Bitdefender on their system and asked them to check this out. They also get the same event in Bitdefender. (edit: I should say they have never been or heard of your site offense)

I know someone else who has a fresh computer (bought yesterday with fresh everything) with the third key that we purchased for Bitdefender and they should be coming home within an hour. I am willing to bet they will have the same event.

If you do find the problem I am willing to listen though. I don't suspect this site or the makers of this site are the problem.

lolz, I can access it

Edge is seriously buggy though, it also has quirky functional flaws as well. I use it for content consumption because it's much faster than FireFox (ie youtube doesn't lag at QHD or UHD and twitch doesn't lag when I move the mouse).

I'll probably be reinstalling Windows 10 soon due to sharing settings and some bloatware, so that should take care of malware, if I have it

I'll run Malware Bits to see what that says

Edit: So Malwarebytes didn't come up with anything, and I can click "show all content" and https seems to still hold

Must be user-specific though, I don't see anything that calls such a domain besides maybe the google adware. Basically the only JS that comes from TS itself that is kinda out of the ordinary is Wendell's Newton thingy lol.

I wouldn't mind getting further info on how this evolves. There have been hijack reports on Microsoft systems, but I haven't seen any myself. If this were the case, it should be properly documented though, because there is little use in Microsoft filing charges against Google if they are hijacking ads in the first place, or are facilitating third parties hijacking ads. It's not like Microsoft is too shy or law abiding to do stuff like that, hence the Bing-integration in Windows which supersedes the hostfile, third party firewall arrangements and of course, the obvious expectation of the users to use Google or or whatever as default search engine for online content after they set up their browser in that way.

Well any good analytics is typically user specific. It makes sense to run it on a website if you want to know what type of audience you are gauging so you are always relevant with what you are displaying on your site, to build an audience, etc.. But when it fills a blocker right up with suspect warnings it's a bit annoying.

Also, I should mention that this ONLY happens when I come to the main site, a section within the main site, or the forums. No other site. That's a fact. This is unique to this site.

The cookie does come with this website as soon as you login at the drupal page.
But as far as i know its not mallicious in anyway.

But @wendell can probably explain more about this.

Here is a new one that I haven't noticed before (keep in mind these events are all from this site):

could be the ads. lost of ad based malware recently.

@DeusQain loginRadius.js (line 83)

Im surprised its there in the first place, after a topic a while back where analytics came up @wendell said about using google analytics because at least people trust it (paraphrasing), theres already google analytics, is this tracking cookie by teksyndicate or code that wasn't removed? "Delete All" button hates me whenever I come to this site

Asked Wendell, says it's the "Share this" button that is calling that file.

But there is no 'Share This' button on the main page. Other sites have similar functionality and I get no events from them.