Anyone else disappointed about the delay of OFP2?

I woke up this morning to go to school (college), and got out of my Calculus class at 10:30. Once after I called Game Stop to ask if they had Operation Flashpoint 2 in stock, and they said no. On the forums of OFP there was another claim that in Wisconsin the game was delayed by a day. Now, even though it was just a day late, I'm still rather depressed that it was delayed as after class I was FULLY looking forward to this. Hell, I even resorted to checking Toys R' Us to see if they had it, but alas, they only carried the PS3 and Xbox 360 version. This brings me to two questions: 1. Are any of you experiencing the delay at your local retail store? and, 2. If so, are you pretty disappointed/pissed about it?

Nevermind, forget I even posted this thread.

I REMEMBERED YOU!!!!! but i can't get it just yet, no moneyuz. Also, the forums are completely empty.

is it suposed to be good idk just bought redfaction it will proubly have to wait

ive been hearing a lot of bad things. like its really a war sim, not a run n gun, AI is stupid... people saying the pc version is pretty much a console port, menus designed more for a controller. idk how true the things people are saying are. id try it first or talk to someone you know whos played it.

Well, operation flash point is meant to be more of a sim than a run n gun...

i meant to say its not really a war sim. there like a billion fans of the first pissed off about it. forgot to throw in the not.

Kind of like AA

Yeah, sorry I haven't come back to this forum, but just one day after the release of the game, I heard ALOT of people on Codemasters forums saying that the game blows and that its nowhere near what they described in the videos. Also, many people say that its a really bad predecessor to the first Ofp.

oh god, i hate ArmA 2. that was a war sim and i found it to be the worst demo i had downloaded... ever.

America's Army 3 sucked
ARMA 2 sucked
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising sucked

Video games and reality do not mix. Please, stop making military simulators.

sounds like id rather buy modern warfare 2

i agree. americas army 3 was almost as bad ass ARMA 2 which was the worst game i have ever played. i really hate shitty games.

My brother got this for ps3 today.. Frnkly, it sucks.

I agree

Yeah, when I play a video game, I play it to escape reality, not to be constrained to it.

I liked OFP2 tbh, a few people i know do as well. But that's me, i like realistic games since I'd rather not try it irl and not be able to restart but atleast a close enough experience.

Only problem is it is very very far from reality.

I like realistic games, because reality is so fun and exciting, definitely not incredibly shitty and boring.