Anyone else develops for win10/winphone?

just wondering if anyone out there touches the win phone/ win10. i just bought my first win device and i am actually impressed

I want to, thinking of snagging I think a lumia 735 for Verizon. Least then in a pinch I have a back up phone for myself but also a decent budget conscious dev device

If someone here develop for it I don't mind trying it out

i snagged up a old HTX 8x to try out win phone. i wanted to try out that 1 month dev challenge. i wanted to make a simple app that makes it faster to reference sites.

mainly considering win phone dosent have many great apps that link major accounts used. esp if i would like to reference the tek on the go. ill probably start working on it tomorrow after making my main site.

you need to have a dev account to test on the win phone. without me actually publishing

Just download the "Developer Preview" app.
this unlocks the phone to allow you to side load apps


Its quite a good phone. have you installed win 8.1 mobile on it?

i already have a dev account. i was just making sure you did for testing :p. i have 8.1 on it. wondering if i should install 10 or just get a separate phone with 10

you can download the Insider preview app and see if it can update to win 10.
My bet it maybe difficult. I would recommend getting a cheap win 10 phone.

Yea I might as well.i already did that for android for the separate sdks the good thing about win phones they are pretty cheap

yep and they have constant experience.