Anyone else caught this? 2 Gamer PCs 1 Tower - Linuxs Tech Tips

I found this very interesting, and wondered if anyone else has played with Lime-tech?

I think we already had a thread complaining they used proprietary software to do it or something, Need the Tek Syndicate wendell version with like 4 gaming PCs in one rig

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Hmm, I searched for it, but may have missed that thread...

Might have been removed

Not sure if I was the only one who posted about this, but I started a thread that got pretty heated. Here's the thread.

And the free solution is still: Virtual machines on Linux with GPU pass through-though of course you need 1 GPU per VM (with Linux preferably running off the iGPU) plus plenty of free USB ports.

Edit: And depending on the game (eg Halo 1 on Wine) you could have 5 people playing it on the 1 computer.

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Thanks! I see it did get rather heated...


Linus changed his name to Linux???

Quit withdrawing posts lol

Well I was going to change the title, but I saw that it was posted in the linux subforum, so (?)

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Limetech just uses LXC and KVM nothing specia