Anyone Dumpster Dive?

O: Send me one!!

If you're just looking for a cheap VLAN-capable switch, TP-Link has some crazy cheap ones on Amazon. 8 port gigabit "smart" switch (VLANs and some QoS stuff, and a little extra) for $40

I want to stay away from TP-Link for any core networking.

Why is that? I don't have any of their managed switches but I have a NIC of theirs in my router and an unmanaged switch of theirs, and they seem to work alright. I'm no performance fanatic, but my network isn't slug slow either.

TP-Link, at least where I am from, is the company you buy wireless cards from that were in someone's attic for 8 years and I don't have too many good experiences with them.

Cisco is my god, therefore if I ever have a core set up it will ALL be cisco XD

I'm a cheap teenager so I can't buy the fancy Cisco

Closest I have to Cisco is a Linksys 8 port gigabit managed switch which happens to be the backbone switch on my network lol don't judge me

Hey, fellow scavenger, man. I have no judgements on my brothers :P

I will typically take any old computers and tech that anyone is willing to give me for free. I've gotten numerous old P4 era machines and some newer ones that a company was getting rid of (core2 duo). Most of it is kind of crap and ends up sitting in a corner, but I have found purposes for most of them at one point or another. My dad gave me an old Sony Vaio Laptop from work that got me through Grade 12. Also got a 19" 4:3 Samsung monitor and a Logitech M510 mouse that I still use regularly.

Also to go along with the TP Link discussion, I use them for all of my desktop wireless cards and unmanaged switches around the house and they have worked really well. Obviously you get what you pay for.

This isn't a dumpster dive technically, but I have been seriously considering this pieces for a couple of weeks. They have two.
So would;t this be nice for hosting virtual machines, or a development lab.

My concerns are that it might be 220v, it probably uses a ton of power, it's probably hot, and loud.
Otherwise it's cheap. Ohh, and I need RAM. So probably not worth the investment?

Yeah, to clarify I wasn't saying TP-Link is on par with Cisco or HP or NetGear or anything like that, but it gets the job done and $10 for a gigabit NIC that probably maxes out at 900mbps is fine for me.

The best places to dumpster dive are at colleges the week of finals before summer break.

I'd buy that. Worth it for me for a torrent server.

That seems insane!
24 cores?

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A lot of big universities have these sales more frequently. The U, has it's warehouse sale every week. It's not advertised though, sort of a secret, unless you search for something like that.

@K4KFH My high school IT says that because their hardware is bought with tax money, they're legally prohibited from giving it away; it has to be hauled off professionally. I mentioned auctioning, as I know that's a thing for schools to do, but apparently the bureaucratic red tape and effort involved wouldn't be worth it, and for just old desktop machines (everything else being broken, really) I can't disagree.

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Oh I never said it was legal, I just said I got free neither I nor the computer lady give a rat about being politically correct, she said "if it's gonna sit in a closet and take up space till they call a recycling center, might as well fix your lack of hard drives"

best find?
a dog.

and a chili peppers cd.