Anyone at CES able to find out LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive specs?

Hey, I just bought one of Seagate's Backup Plus Desktop Drives 8TB. Literally, the next day I heard about them coming out with LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive 8TB. I was just curious about a few things they're not completely clear on in the press release. Is the LaCie an HDD or SSD? Is it a raid 1 or 0? Finally, how are they getting 5 Gb/s? 5 Gb/s seems a bit fast for an HDD, without some crazy raid 0 config. The external drive is mainly being used for backing up systems, and hosting media. Thanks.

LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive

That is a ridiculous claim they're making. 5gbps is just the speed of USB 3, and even then that's not the real speed you'd get even if the disk was fast enough, which it's not. That just looks like a standard external hard drive to me.

That's kind of what I was thinking as well. Probably the same HDD as the Backup Plus, with just a fancier case.

I would put real money on that. You can see in the video that compared to the 2.5" version it's just a single 3.5" disk enclosure, so no RAID or anything like that. Just a standard disk with whatever write speed that disk has, and even then I've never personally seen an external USB 3.0 disk get much faster than 80MB/s.

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From being in a Mac buisness environment when you see speed listings from Lacie its really just the connector speed spec. like my 2 disk raid from them is rated for "20Gb/s" but again no hard drive runs at that speed. its more "oh hey they are using xyz plug/standard" so if you daisy chain you know what the total pass through speed you will see.

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I heard the Backup Plus Desktop can hit 180MB/s, and the WD Mybook Duo might be a bit faster. But, I don't know how well the raid controller in the Mybook Duo works with Linux filesystems.

What's the issue here?
That they're claiming 5Gb/s interface transfer rate?
Can't see a problem there..
Or that they're claming "Speeds up to 5 Gb/s allow you to transfer a 700 MB video file in just under 7 seconds."
700MB/7s=100MB/s or 0.8Gb/s. (Stupid sentence but that's just marketing.)
That's pretty normal if you ask me, pretty much the average R/W speed of an HDD. Which is faster or slower depending on what part of the drive you're writing to..

I'm just curious if it's faster than the Backup Plus Desktop Drive. Then again it costs almost twice the price, and I might as well just throw the cash down for a NAS at that point.

LaCie, MAY BE marginally faster, but unless you absolutely have to have the fastest transfer speeds and price is no concern it really should not matter enough to notice.