Anyone able to id this connector?

Ive not been able to find this 2 pin variant, ive fond 3 pin 5 pin etc, but not this small 2 pin version. Anyone able to identify it?

Looks like a variant of mini XLR. Haven't seen that with only two pins though.

[EDIT] Wait, I might be wrong on that.

You realize, this is just a proprietary standard for some telescope, right?
I mean you need repair or something?
Why don't you just get a new cable?

looks like an old school CB power cord.

Possibly 2 pin XLR?

Also, do you need that exact version that just plugs into a cigarette lighter? If so you could wire up one yourself

I just want the connector not the cable or lighter connection. It's unlikely they had this custom made though I suppose it's possibility I doubt they'd have paid the expense.

I think the xlr connectors might be to big I'll get some dimensions. (6mm)

I'm wanting to make a second cable for connecting to a power unit.

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I think ive managed to find it!

Been looking for ages and was only able to find larger variants of wrong number of pins, now its on the internet yay!