Anybody play Planetside 2?

Anyone here play Planetside 2, I want some more people to play with. My gamertags are:

ax2themax- NC character on the Connery server

ADudeYouDontKnow- TR character on Waterson server

I have no VS character yet, so sorry.  I would love to have some more people play with me.

Happy Gaming!

DemonX11 waterson. I play with my outfit, The SET, and livestream planetside 2 at least twice a week.

I play on Matherson

My tag on the Vanu faction is DamienAnton123

Hit me up sometime while I am in game and I would be happy to join ya.

Thanks guys for the responses, see you online possibly. Say hi to me on Connery, that is the server with my main character.

What faction, I'll join the outfit if TR