Anybody know of good Hard Drives for freenas

Hey it's Corey

Does anybody know of good hard drives to use for freenas.

I was looking at the western digital red 2TB but the reviewes on newegg don't seem good.





WD Black drives seem to be really good

I have a WD Caviar Black WD1002FAEW-00Y9A0 1TB SATA 6Gbps 64Mb Cache drive that I use for all my storage. It really works well. 

The RE drives look like they're basically the same thing as the blacks, but they're meant for enterprise applications, which means they have a longer life. Using them in a home server would be perfect.

I think you should wait on more then 2 lack luster reviews on newegg before deciding the drives are no good. They are made for this kind of work and none of the reviews from around the web show anysort of excessive noise. If you are looking for a serious enterprise grade drive, then the RE is your bet but be prepared to pay the enterprise price premium.

The reason the Newegg harddrive reviews are bad, are because Newegg can't pack the harddrives properly. They just toss it in a box with some paper and send it off thinking its not going to get dropped on the way to its destination.


I would definitly go with enterprise grade hdd but you will need to pay an enterprise price offcourse...