Anybody know how to do this?

Ok at my work,one one of the little stores did not pay it's rent so the closed,took the pc's and the important files,and left everything else,i was helping someone doing some of the cleaning out,and i asked what they were doing with this stuff they said they were throwing it all away,and i asked if i could have something and my boss said yes.

So i got my self this:

I grabbed it cause i saw this video

And i was thinking of setting it up do that,i have downloaded the drivers for it,but idk where to go from there.

Does anybody on here know how to do something like this?

not sure how to set it up as ive never used used one but i would recommend that you dont use a debit card and only use the swipe feature of the reader with a pre programmed card or any card with a magnetic strip which isnt related to anything important.

you need to find wherever the card data is sent to when you swipe, once you do you can set that info to the password as shown in the video and it should work.

Interesting, I actually have an old card reader that my dad used to use. I just might set this up.