Anybody have experience with the MSI 970 Gaming?

Planning on sticking it in an AMD FX-6300 rig that I will be building towards the end of the month. Anybody have any experience with it good or bad? It seems to be one of the best rated AM3+ mobo's on the market so I was just wondering because the last thing I want after a month is a dead mobo or have it be DOA (and yes I know this can happen with all mobo's I'm just talking about frequency of this happening like 1/100 boards etc...). Thank you for any help!

I believe it is a fairly recent board only released late last year. However given that is designed for porocessor architecture that has been around since late 2012 you would hope that they got everything right first time. All reviews have been positive and no one is complaining of hot VRM's or mobo chips.

For the most part I rate MSI products and have never had a problem with them. If I were looking for an AM3+ ATX board this would probably be the top of my list given its features and price.

Thank you for your response!

That motherboard is a great value! I have never had an MSI board fail on me. 

Awesome! Thanks for the reply!

I have the MSI 970 and I've only had one problem so far.

I've tried using different software but they all tell me my Northbridge runs at about 55C idle and once got up to 99C.

It could be the board doubling the value or showing the wrong value.

But overall a good board for $100

Audio is nice

yeah the vrm´s and mosfet temps seem to run a bit high wenn you wanne overclock a FX 8 core passed 4.5GHz on it. But i heavn´t realy heard about any throttling sofar. But with a FX6300 i dont see any heating problems at all.

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You could also look at the Asrock 970 performance, a board that asrock has launched recently. seems to be a very nice board aswell. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm, and also very nice onboard audio.

I got confused for a second, the board has the same name as the GPU. MSI should probably work on there naming schemes.