Anybody have cool accent lighting on/around their PC?

This is just for fun.  Anybody got cool glowy lighty thingies?  Post them here.

This pic isn't mine but it looks cool:

I'll admit that I'm pretty closed minded when it comes to PC lighting... While it may look cool to some of your gaming buddies, I don't think a spaceship PC is the best look. By all means, if you've done something exceptional with the interior like water cooling or mods etc, then show it off with a lovely side window and some subtle lighting.

I personally have a water cooled Corsair 350D which has a tinted side window. I use UV lighting with an off switch and Mahem's UV coolant. It basically makes the components and coolant glow while leaving the rest of the case dark. Its the best of both worlds: Subtle when on, and good for showing off all my hard work and can be turned off when needed.

Can we get a photo of it in the dark? ;) Pretty please? 

sometimes i light my own 'Personal' computer. i just take one of those glowstick loops and put in on my head like a crown.... BAM. instant lightning of my computer case. the computer being my brain, the case being my skull/face/hair =)

Props to you my friend.  :D