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Anybody have an A2 Terminator?

I recently bought an A2 terminator used...Unfortunately i found out why it was for sale quickly. After about a week of use the PSU took a dump...None of the components looked fried or anything, so i replaced the PSU with a much higher quality EVGA 1300w and connected it up to the Pi and YAY, the fans spun up. So i connected all the innosilicon asic chips up and then...nothing...death... The PSU decided to take out every one of the expensive ASIC blades...hooray!!

I was wondering if anybody knows anything about these and possibly a way to fix them. The miner was a beast when it ran!

Hello, a friend of mine buy this A2 terminator a few years ago, he changed the ip address manually. now he gave it to me as a gift. The problem is that he no longer knows the ip address he put in, and I’m a bit lost, I can’t find the address to access the asic interface.
Could you help me please?
I try with ip find programs but no one detect the ip of the asic