Anybody getting the Ouya?

Ouya (the company) has recently announced that their Android-powered console, also called Ouya, will be out on June 4th. At first it'll be out in US, Canada, and UK either directly from their official site, or from retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop. Pre-orders are live now. Still $99 like they promised.

So, is anybody interested in that tiny Android console?

Me personally, I'll probably wait until I see the reviews for the actual retail thing before buying it. But so far it does seem like something I'd buy. It's running on a Tegra 3 CPU, so it is powerful enough for practically all high-end Android games. Android gaming has gotten better lately, with great games like Real Racing 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Aralon, Horn, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Modern Combat 4, Soulcraft. Sure, half of those are ripoffs of proper console or PC games, but they're still interesting games. Plus, I'm sure price will definitely be a factor for many people. A $100 console, with $3 or $7 games, compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 for around $200-$250 for a console and $60 games...


for dev work maybe

No. I have a really nice gaming PC, which has access to many more games and libraries than the Android system does. It would be a waste of $100 for me, and aside from being a stunning piece of industrial design, I don't want one.

Since I backed the Kickstarter I'm getting one soon-ish, I got a mail telling me they're shipping the backer consoles now.

It'll probably just be a gadget for me, something I fiddle with. I only bought it because it's pretty cheap.

I was tempted right up until Nvidia announced the shield.

I think it depends on the other functionality it offers, If for example I can use it as a HTPC I may get one just as a cheap little gadget to clear some clutter but as something to use primarily for gaming I have much better options.

Well, it does offer some streaming things, I'm pretty sure it has NetFlix available to it. HDMI output etc, it should be a nice little mediabox that you can stick behind the TV or something.

its cheaper than a nuc

Maybe to emulate some old N64 or older games but that is about looks very portable so it might have a general traveling advantage.

I was thinking about getting one for emulators, but instead I will probable just make an ITX aPU build

I kcikstarted it, so yeah.  I have a good gaming pc, a ps3, a 360, a hacked wii, and a ps2 plugged into my tv right now.  I'm interested in what they can do with it, and if everything else fails, then I have android hardware to tinker with that I don't need for phone calls. XBMC works on it as well.  

It looks sooo nice. But specs are horrifically low (well, it's a cheap console, can't expect much there), and it's basically an "Android Box," to my knowledge. Everything it can do, my PC should be able to do. I run emulators on my desktop so... 

I'd rather save that $100 and put it towards my next GPU, a soundcard, a new headset maybe... something like that. 

Maybe i will as a emulater just for street fighter iii the third strike and golden eye + 10k developers have now signed up for it ^_^

Already have mine ordered, super excited. This June!

Seeing how it's 20 ranks under my android device... I'd have to say no...

It's a cool concept for alternative gaming, but I can't find a practical use for it...