Anybody ever buy any Russian Keys?

Hey, has anybody ever dabbled into buying Russian Keys? I bought Black Ops Russian for £12. (even though I'm an American, the site I bought from was British and it rounded to $20) I bought it with an open mind just to try it out (mostly because I thought it was Black Ops II, not the first one. Fail on my part, next time, I'll pay more attention) and it's it works as long as you exit Steam, and set up a Russian/Ukraine VPN, use the VPN to activate your Key and download the language packs from third party sources.

Has anybody done this before? I thought it was kinda shifty, (that's because it is) but it works.

PS: It would be stupid to make an alternate steam account and buy from the russian steam store and buy as a gift and trade to yourself, that's how you get banned. (I've heard horror stories)

Yep.  I bought a russian bf3 key from (Although I do not recommend these guys after I had a lot of hassle actually getting the key, as did some friends who bought the new need for speed game from them)

There are a bunch of other sites but their names escape me for now. Depending on where you live importing boxed copies can also be significantly cheaper than buying from steam or a brick and mortar store.

That's where I bought Black Ops from. I've also heard of CDKeyHouse. The weirdst part of playing Russian Games is you basically have to pirate the audio to play in English.

I've bought lots of stuff from

I think it's a great site, you only need to use the VPN once, and then it's tied to your steam account. The games are so cheap.

What's not to like about that?