Anybody Else Waiting?

So yes I glanced at the big nVidia reveal on 09/01 and things are looking good but I’m going to wait this one out until RDNA2 is released and tested.

My GTX 1080Ti is still doing just fine for my gaming needs.

Anybody else hoping to see what AMD has up it’s sleeve/sleeves ?

Hopefully they don’t have a pair of loaded dice that only rolls snake eyes :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally my 1080 Ti is doing damn well still playing games at 1440P with most being able to hit the 144FPS target on my monitor. Also been gaming with VR quite a lot recently and it holds up very well. While the $500 and $700 price tags for the 3070 and 3080 respectively are looking really nice. I just don’t feel the need to upgrade yet. I would like to maintain the card for at least another 2 years.

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That is something that I think is reasonable, this card is still very strong for most gaming needs.

But of course there is always going to be peeps wanting the shiny new bauble each ne release cycle :wink:

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I am waiting on Big Navi just because I am on Poor Dozer and Radeon HD 7790. I am due for an upgrade here soon and have been leaning more towards SteamOs gaming than console gaming in the last decade.


I’m looking at the 3080 to replace my GTX 1080. It’s doing fine in most games on my 3440x1440 100 HZ monitor, but in some games it can’t go higher than 60-70 fps.

A necessary upgrade? No. But I’d like to push all the fps in all the games.

I think parts availability will be poor, so even those who don’t want to wait will likely have to

Remember when the 10 series launched and we couldn’t get a card at proper retail price for like four months?

Waiting to see AMD’s offerings is sensible. Personally I don’t think they’ll surpass Nvidia, but Nvidia wouldn’t have priced their cards lower than expected out of the kindness of their hearts. Clearly they expect competition.


I’m still waiting on something affordable with decent FP64 support. Options within budget at the moment are second-hand Titan V’s, Quadro GP100’s or Radeon VII’s. The Radeon Pro VII looked promising when it was announced, but it was supposed to be available in June and I still haven’t found one listed anywhere.

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My 1080ti does fine, so I guess I will wait until Xmas for an offer on 3080, and maybe see what AMD has to offer, however I doubt they will be able to challenge the high end cards.

I am waiting for sure.

Have you taken a look at prices on pcpartpicker? Holy cow, the 2080s have dropped like a rock already

Hell, I am still using an R9 290 4GB, still going just fine.

The RTX 3000 series stuff looks pretty amazing for sure just on sheer numbers. But I am in no rush at all and will see what shakes out. Maybe AMD will do just enough to make nVidia stab the early adopters in the back with price cuts and new cards.


I don’t want to wait but I probably will. I’m running a 1080Ti on 1440p super ultra wide with HDR so I’ve been waiting for an upgrade. There are only a few modern games, usually Vulcan based, that I can hit 120 fps. I don’t expect RDNA2 to be faster than the 3080 though. I do expect it to be faster than a 2080Ti but I don’t know by how much. I really want to transplant my 1080Ti into my Sim/VR rig. It still has a Vega 64 in it that I picked up used.

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I still have 1080Ti in my gaming PC and it’s just fine, even for MSFS 2020. We have a 2080Ti in my dad’s workstation and it’s super nice for Blender Cycles rendering. After real benchmarks we can see if it’s worth getting a 3090. No hurry.


Still running on my R9 390…5 years later it struggles at 1440p but still relatively good at 1080p. Maybe if a 3060 is released at an affordable price range like 300ish I might budge…

Was hoping to snag a 5700XT on black Friday sale but may be best to wait and see how all these new releases from both parties pan out. Although depending on availability and how high AIB partner prices are may just snag a PS5 instead… :sweat_smile:

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I’ll be waiting, but there is an extremely good chance I’ll be getting a card this generation.

My timeline right now is a card every third generation, so coming from a 980 Ti it’s perfect timing.

Whether it’s Nvidia or AMD I swing for remains to be seen (Wait for third party benchmarks).


I’d say you guys should wait for third party reviews

rtx 3k is seeming to be too good to be true


it is, but also we have to consider how bad AMD has been with ROCm and OpenCL.

Cuda is looking like its going to be the big win for Nvidia unless some amazing software changes launch as well.


I will be waiting. Firstly to see what AMD has to offer and also to wait and see if AMD and Nvidia manage to produce VFIO compatible cards or not. I am not going to buy a new card that gives me headaches when I am trying to pass it through to a VM.


oh no, I wasn’t expecting amd to be good I’m just really suspicious about nvidia itself

don’t believe big navi will be that good either

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Now I dont think AMD will take the gaming crown, but I think they will be competitive for the pricing.

I also think that Nvidia is either worried about consoles or about rdna2 b/c why else would they drop prices like they are on RTX 3000?

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We picked up a 2080ti early this year when a bonus came in, and boy does that purchase hurt now. My backlog is big enough that I have no good excuse to upgrade. I will wait and see what AMD brings. Maybe they will force an 3080 price drop or Ti refresh. Then I will consider what next gen games require the upgrade.