Anybody else heard this rapper "NF"?

I found this guy on YouTube, he was featured in another song I like and I decided to look him up. Turns out I really like him. He's a lot like Eminem in his earlier music, but is a little more "his own" in his most recent album.

My personal favorite songs on his new album are (in no particular order):

I like several on his older album too, it's called "Moments" if you want to look that one up.

What do y'all think? I think he's got a lot of potential. He seems like he's really talented, but unlike most rappers he doesn't swear every 10 seconds. (that kinda gets on my nerves, once in a while it's okay but too many just overdo it)


I like him. He chains stuff pretty well. Good find!

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Oh btw guys I'm a white rapper


your music is very emotional

I forgot to include "Notepad", also on his latest album. I swear I'm not paid by him or anything lol I just like his music

And also "Intro", which is "meh" lyrically but certainly is catchy

And lastly, (I can't believe I forgot this one) "Mansion" the song the album is named after. This is a very clever song

Not for me.

Has an okay beat but with the wrong lyrics..and the lyrics btw are basic and a bit repetitive, they also come in a little too late and don't last that long in some songs.

I am not even sure of the genre of this it rap/adult contemporary ? because it really does sound that way as the songs are not really rap dominant.

I did on the otherhand listen to his 'Mansion' song that was linked in youtube (EDIT: before you put it here). The song has a good ratio of rap to chorus but in no way are the lyrics well written.

I guess what I am trying to say is that he has a vocal talent, but he isn't lyrically inclined. He should pay someone to write the songs for him because then he would sound better than he does, well at least to me.

Music is an art form. You either write with a direction in mind or you accidentally make something good. He's at the 'direction in mind' part, but to me he really isn't that good lyrically.

Wow this kid is actually good. Have not heard something this original come from rap for some time.

yeah true but it has a feel to it, that must somehow supersede lyricism. the kid found his pocket i think.