Any way to reset?

I built my first pc yesterday and have had a few problems. I have solved several of them but then I made a mistake.

I was setting up my new computer using a program, i dont really remember the name of, I think it was something like "AMD vision engine" or something similar. My problem is that I clicked on a little box titled "Configure Sync" (or something similar) and now my screen is black. When i restart my computer i can get access to the BIOS and everything and when i exit that i get a windows loading screen. But after the loading screen i get a black screen and nothing i do can change it.

I was wondering if there was something i could do with the hardware that would reset or change what i messed up?

Also if anybody knows what to do without messing with the hardware that would help alot too.

Any advice is appreciated.

No, reinstall Windows.

Boot into safe mode (hold F8 after BIOS splash screen) and try re-configuring or uninstalling the software you installed.