Any way to make quicksync from onboard graphics available on a VM in TrueNAS Scale?


I have a TrueNAS Scale machine on which I’d like to run Plex. I looked into the Apps, however for some reason it looks like k3s is burning through CPU cycles even just sitting there. (I see ~5% load overhead and almost 10W more power consumption even without any Apps started, just having the pool set and k3s running.) So as an alternative I set up a VM onto which I’d like to install Plex.

My problem is now that it looks like TrueNAS Scale doesn’t allow to pass through the only GPU of the system. Is there some (even potentially hacky) way to override this and make the GPU available inside the VM?

I’d very much appreciate any pointers you could give, I’ve been banging my head against the wall for a few days now…