Any way to get CM11 on a Sprint S5 Sport?

I've been looking around and I've been finding mixed results, with some saying you currently can't, some success stories, and some half-success stories. Anyone have any conclusive answers? Thanks for the help!

I would wait till there is a well known way. When I had the s5 for verizon, I wasn't able to even root it. So rather be safe than sorry. And not telling you Samsung sucks but if your into cyanogen mod then better off with a nexus device or something that's not so restricted. 

The sprint devices, from what I can tell so far, are not as locked down as the other carriers.
I think you might have some eventual luck, juts be patient. 

I feel bad for newer phone users in these other carrier bands.

Then again, you are technically "leasing to own" when you buy a phone at a discounted rate.
Sillyness allaround.