Any useful chrome extension?

just suggestions like logan said in the tek, the flaskblock... any more useful extension? just for an average joe who uses the internet i guess... ^_^

Propably going to get flamed for this but

  • Adblock
  • Turn off the Lights

Https everywhere, ghostery, ad block plus as far as privacy goes.

As far as functionality goes: Zotero, one of the greatest applications ever!

collusion for chrome

No Script on Chrome yet?

Apart from AdBlock and HTTPS Everywhere, the rest of the add-ons are mostly just cosmetic. Chrome is known for being sleek and fluid (completely untrue of IE), so there's not a whole lot that it comes with on a fresh install.

But add-ons like new themes might look pretty. has a nice list of Chrome add-ons.

-Do Not Track Plus

My Favorites:
  • AdBlock Plus (with custom filters)
  • Google Dictionary
  • Google Mail Checker
  • Gmail Offline
  • Ghostery
  • Do Not Track Plus

These are my essentiel extensions i suggest for everyone.