Any use ddwrt firmware

i have a netgear nighthawk r8000 can i use any firmware from ddwrt for the r8000 models with out breaking my router and is there any problems with this firmwares

You cant use "any" firmware, but there should be one available for the r8000. There is a risk when flashing any firmware that you could "brick" the router making it unusable but this is unlikely if you follow the instructions properly and are using the right firmware. I use ddwrt on a linksys e1200 and it works great.

Is there any particular reason you want to use ddwrt over the stock firmware? It has some nice features but if you dont know what those are or why you want them, I cant say I'd recommend doing it. In some cases you lose throughput on the router after having done the flash, though this may not be true for the r8000.

You should have a look on their forums to see what version to use.

Yes your router should work without issues. I have the same router and it works flawlessly, however, I'm running the Kong Mod of ddwrt. As you can see it's also listed in their supported devices page.

i got comcast and there allot of bufferbloatware on it i wanna make my less buffering as qos dont work much on the model

were do i download it and can this be use for bloatware buffer and qos

I don't know about bloatware buffer, but yes QoS works quite well. You'll have to create an account at the link below to download the Kong Mod specifically.


You could also go for

i got a account there does this set up automatically like when you buy it jsut enter the normal things as user name and wifi password

So, Once you flash the firmware onto your router it will create three separate connections two for the 5GHz frequency and one for the 2.4GHz. You should be prompted to change the password access the router when you attempt to access it using its IP address. Each connection can have its own name and password. You may also change the username used to login to your router after you change passwords when prompted.

The interface will be completely different. You will need to configure those options manually. There isnt a 'wizard' so to speak that will have you run through all the things you might want to change upon first boot. AFAIK it will have to change the default password and then you are responsible for the rest but its not terribly difficult.

will i lose speed as the modem get 700 alone will i lose speed for wire connection and how much wifi may i get

I dont know if you will lose any but I have in the past lost some throughput on the routers I have. Generally its been ~15-20% but you might not lose anything at all. My experience is anecdotal at best because I only use ddwrt when I'm looking for a feature a router doesnt already have. In the case of my linksys e1200, I turned it into a repeater for my garage. It wasnt fast in the first place so I didnt care if I lost a little.

Similar: I have an R7000. Used DDWRT. While it kind-of installed fine, it would have internet cut outs and I would have to restart. Many times could not access the admin page, either.

I ended up going back to the stock firmware :frowning:

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Same, would only be have a stable uptime for about a week before needing a reboot.

I've been using DD-WRT for over 10 years. Let me help you out:

1: Find out what type of firmware you need. For this the lookup tool is useful, but the linked firmware blob will be grossly out of date. In my case I have an ASUS RT-N16 which uses the Broadcom K2.6.

2: Go to thier FTP site and download the latest beta firmware (everything dd-wrt is beta). Depending on your router's model, it might be advisable to start with a custom 'mini' firmware. I usually just get the 'mega' firmware and call it good.
Don't be enticed to use a 'stable' version, they are so old as to be useless or even worse.
So for my router, I go here:
and download dd-wrt.v24-32170_NEWD-2_K2.6_mega.bin

3: Have a stock firmware on hand and a TFTP utility just in case you get the wrong one and have to reflash. Also, have the TFTP recovery procedure info handy for your router. One time I accidentally installed the non K26 Broadcom firmware, and had to use TFTP to load the correct firmware.

Follow those steps and you'll have no trouble with DD-WRT. However, I did not see the R8000 in the database. You might be unsupported.