Any ultrabook for 400 USD or under

Hey guys package manager here,
I currently running a macbook 2008 upgraded with 8 gigs of ram and 1Tb drive running on ubuntu 16.10 (didn't have installation disk for osx so i had no choice plus window didn't have good drivers).
Beautiful machine thats almost a decade old but I'm interested in seeing if there is possible ultrabooks that are 400usd or under.

Formally i say personally that if you pay more than 400 USD for a laptop for basic media, web browsing, and type writer machine you are wasting your money unless..

    You are looking for a gaming laptop
    You are looking for a laptop that has high end configurations for cadd, machine learning, vm anything mostly in high cpu usage / gpu usage.

Over all i check on the common sites like ebay, craiglist, letgo, amazon but wouldn't mind spreading to other sites.
Any help will be appreciated.
Also if people may want to ask to go in depth with my theory i do not mind.

If you consider a surface Pro to be an ultrbook, the surface pro 2s are 200-400 now on eBay.
Also elitebook Folios are similar spec and price, and a "real" ultrabook

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Interesting choices , i saw a couple of the surfwce pro 2s which aren't bad but don't provide easy modularity with storage and ram but not a bad choice. The folio has an interesting look but its inbetween generic laptop and ultrabook.

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Oh i forgot to add in the specs

  • A dual core processor thats about or above 2 Ghz.

  • A laptop with 4gigs with modularity to at least can be fine.

  • Storage type i don't really care much of i can at least make it modular storage or expand it.

  • Don't really care for the panel or screensize.

  • The look perferably be a ultrabook slim kind of look.
  • Lenovo T420S/T430S, HP Folio 9470M, Dell E5420/E5220/7240/7440,

    Ultrabooks tend to be high spec and expensive. If all you need is surfing and word processing, you might consider a Chromebook.


    Thats the part, Ultrabooks tend to be high spec and expensive but at times you do have the outstanders out there. Sadly with a chromebook you can't really do much power more specifcally in my personal needs i currently run virtual machines daily and use chrome as a a daily browser with about a 3 tab average everyday.

    To break it down i at least need a x64 architecture for virtualization and at least 8 Gigs of ram which i can glady tinker if i need to.

    nice picks those seem a bit interesting also if you don't mind answering what is the major hype with the lenovo thinkpad series as a whole?

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    I used to work with the T420/520 and older thinkpads a lot (hundreds) along with a few T420S, and honestly, they're fantastic, well-rounded laptops. There is so much to like about them.

    -Fantastic keyboard, with perfectly sized and placed keys, and has water drainage in the keyboard, so if liquid is spilled, there are little tunnels which allow the water to flow through the keyboard, and internals, to the bottom of the laptop, without actually touching circuitry (works really well, but not 100%).
    -Incredibly well engineered and complicated internal frame (making it really, REALLY durable, but also a complete bitch to take apart) (less so on the S model, because its slimmer, but still very durable compared to modern crap)
    -Great battery life with the extended batteries (T420/520)
    -Upgradeable to quad-core i7 processors (second gen confirmed by moi for the T420, doubt the S models support quad-cores)
    -Some people are die-hard "nipple" fans, and cant live without it (im not one)
    -So, so much IO expansion. Puts modern laptops to shame, and can add even more with a dock.

    There are cons to them as well
    -Garbage displays (however, you can buy different displays if you'd like, and switch it out for stuff like IPS and touch screen, because it uses a very common display connector)
    -Trackpad is garbage and gets work out (however, can be replaced to make it act brand new)
    -Extended batteries are annoying a.f to me because they stick outside the laptop (T420/520)

    I didn't work with the T430/T530 much, however, it does a completely different keyboard and touchpad (some don't mind, some absolutely hate, I don't mind too much), but are overall still pretty good laptops compared everything consumer based.

    Whenever friends ask for laptop suggestions, the first thing I always suggest is either Mac Airs/Pros because they're mostly good (lets ignore the fact that the logic board dies after 3 years because Apple designed that to happen), or used business laptops, because they're just fantastic for the price, and much better than any consumer garbage that you can buy, plus, tend to even have better performance.

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    Interesting i guess the macbooks lasts little longer than the newer ones (mine is about 9 years old now and runs smooth but i have to fix the charger port.)

    I'm still using an antique T420 as my primary laptop (even though I have newer machines), because the keyboard is glorious! It's a great general purpose machine, so long as gaming is not a high priority. I will agree that the package is let down by the display. The viewing angles are horrible and it requires almost constant fiddling with the screen angle adjustment.

    I'd also point out the that the T420 has excellent Linux compatibility and with a SSD, this laptop absolutely screams on Solus/Budgie.

    You could also go up to the Thinkpad T450/T550 found this which fits your bill

    Simplistic yet powerful machine thats near the Ultrabook standard, i do like it a lot.

    Also to all out of curiosity i would like to ask
    Do people actually agree with my budget proposition?

    Yup especially with how cheap older business models can be found. BTW you should also check the lenovo X250 if you want small and "light".

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    X250 is around there but its a little over budget. The T450 has the near very similar thickness towards the X250 and has better specs.