Any TopazLabs users here? if so what hardware are you using?

As the title suggests looking for some other TopazLabs users and curious what hardware you are using and what use cases, for eg I’m currently using;
i9 10900
128GB DDR4
RTX A4000
2x 980 Pro 1Tb in a RAID for the ingesting of the videos I want to upscale and then send back to my 2x 8Tb Drives for my Plex Content so i can stream the upscaled videos.

But it seems it’s taking a good 4hrs for every 30 Min 720p24fps video to be upscaled to 1440p24fps and just thought id ask to see if other people are using it and if so what times and what hardware are you using, as maybe my expectations were too high but I feel like it shouldn’t take 4hrs per 30 min upscaled video right? maybe I could be wrong.

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