Any tips to improve LG performance?


Before anything else I would like to point out that I am aware this software is still in beta, and therefore will have many kinks that will have to be worked out and optimisations to be made. The dev made a great work so far.

On to the issue that drove me here: It seems my host’s GPU (Geforce GT710) is struggling a bit with LG (getting occasional slowdowns, sometime the screen doesn’t refresh right on the desktop), and the terminal output only drives that point home:

17223707858 [W]            texture.c:315  | egl_warn_slow                  | The guest is providing updates faster then your computer can display them
17223707863 [W]            texture.c:316  | egl_warn_slow                  | This is a hardware limitation, expect microstutters & frame skips

While in an ideal world I would switch the GPU, it is currently not an option for me due to monetary reasons.

I would like to know if there exists any general tips about settings that could be changed, whether in LG, on the guest, or on the host, to improve LG performance.

I’m currently running on the latest bleeding edge build, but really it happens on any build.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

This even happens on the best and fastest hardware currently available, this warning is simply that, a warning to let you know that frames are being dropped and there is nothing you nor I can do about it.

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