Any tips for better AMD performance with Fallout 4?

So I have a 4790k and a fury x and playing fallout 4 Im getting about 38 fps with dips to 20fps and thats playing the game not even in the high density areas!

Monitoring my GPU usage while playing im getting lots of fluctuating usage and its not even hitting my max core clock ever.

I am using the latest drivers which is crimson which ive heard gave a huge boost to fallout 4.

So any tips would be great. Pretty shitty that its this unplayable on AMD

4k? I assume you have DOF/AA/BLUR all turned on. If so there is your reason. Also set Crimson driver settings for AMD Optimized Tessellation. Additionally look for the AMD driver fixes on Nexus if you have graphic issues.

I have a 390x, and get 50-60fps most times with dips to 20fps in certain areas.

No im playing at 2560x1080 which is what bothers me. Should be this bad. Ill take a look at what you mentioned though

Have you seen if that low fan speed bug with the new crimson driver is affecting you?

I doubt it would throttle you THAT bad, but it is still possible.

It is a FuryX so water cooled to begin with. But I am not sure how it controls the pump and if this bug would get it.

Also that bug maybe to do with people overriding the fan profile from the drivers with ones from MSi Afterburner.

Ah right, of course. Was thinking of the non-x Fury card.

Agreed on checking with any conflicts with MSI Afterburner.

GnomishViking, any other issues with other games? Did this happen from the beginning, or did the game run well at first?

No issues with fan speed. Stays nice and cool never going over 50c when gamin.

I had a 980ti before my furyx. Had issues when going into the cities in the game but stayed buttery smooth when outside them. Now with the furyx the frame rate is unplayable no matter where I am and extremely inconsistent. Is strange that it's not using the full power of my card when other games are fine. For instance I played some Grid Autosport after and has 100% gpu usage constantly

You can try turning off the Godrays, and reducing the shadow distance (and detail, just for funsies) to see if that helps. It probably will help with the dips, some, but I think you will always have to deal with a frame-time issue until they release a decent update for the game.

I have tried the Beta patch for Fallout 4, and I noticed some decent gains in performance, but it was massively unstable for me, so I was forced to revert back to non-beta.

Honestly, I am kind of chuckling about the whole thing, because my secondary rig, powered by an Athlon x4 760k and R9 285, seems to be performing about as well as other people's rigs that cost 3x as much. (At 1080p, at least.) Still, though, that whole framerate/frametime issue when in the cities is still pretty awful. Once they fix the game to allow full utilization of resources, I think systems across the board will perform a lot better.

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Try forcing the tessellation to 8x in the drivers and mess around with the shadow settings. but it is a bit strange i am getting average of around 50-45 with a 290x and same cpu at 2560x1440.

Also I am sure there is a problem with shadows in cities when you turn the shadow distance down low you don't get the terrible 10 fps locations anymore.

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This is a big issue for you, but not an AMD wide issue. Your Fury-X should be torching Fallout at Ultra everything @ 1080. My 390 holds ~85fps at 1440(Ultra everything with tessellation at x16) and ~40fps at 4k(Ultra everything, x8 tessellation, Godrays at low, AA set to low and anisotropic filtering at 8x).

So yeah, something hardware related is what it sounds like. I'm running a handful of 4k graphical mods too that take a bite into a few frames. Maybe software, but certainly not typical FO4/AMD performance issues.

I'll have to try a few different settings when I get home. Could it be possible it's not getting enough power from my psu? I have a corsair cx750 which I figured would be enough.

Its not your card nor your CPU, something is probably just wonky with settings or threading.
I'm using a 5820k and a Fury card, and I'm getting very good framerates at 3440x1440.

What do you mean by threading?

Funny stuff can occur when a multi threaded application gets wonky with a multi core multi threaded CPU.
If said program wants to use 2 threads instead of using two cores it uses 1 core whilst using the hyperthreading on that core.
So it loads 1 core fully with 2 threads, instead of using 1 thread on two cores.

I'm assuming it never did that before with my 980ti. Anyways I'll test out a few things in a couple hrs and get back to you guys

Alright so here is what happened. Fiddled with some settings and the game never went above 38 fps. So I thought I would lower the settings still. Put everything to the absolute lowest setting possible and game still never went over 38fps.

That's weird. Try verifying the integrity of the games cache on steam. Had a similar issue with The Witcher 3 and it fixed my issue.

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I read in a forum, same guy had this exact issue. Turned out it was because his monitor was set to 75hz instead of 60hz. So in other words this game has a shit engine